Forever Friday: Re-organizing Pictures

This is the first in a series of posts that I’ll do to help you complete a photo book using Forever Storage and Forever Albums. The first step is to put all the photos into an album.  From there, you may want to re-organize them into the order you may want to see or use them in your photo book.  This [less than 2 minute] video will show you how to re-organize pictures in your Forever album.

The next step will be starting the album by adding pictures to your Forever Project.  Stay tuned!

Are you using cloud storage for your photos?  Have you read their privacy policy?  Check out Forever’s Guarantee and consider owning your own piece of the cloud instead of renting…. and it’s 20% off right now!!!

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Make it Monday: Layout a Day (LOAD)

I love February because it’s Layout a Day (LOAD) month!  I started playing along with LOAD in 2011 and really love getting back into the daily habit of scrapbooking.

Here’s the layouts I’ve finished so far…






I’m working hard to finish the Disneyland trip from last fall.  As you can see, I’ve not completed today’s layout yet so stay tuned…

LOAD is sponsored by the Scrap Happy family.  As a member, you’re able to participate in three LOAD months per year!

Are you working on something special this month?  Maybe “Finish it in February”?  Or something similar?  Let us know in the comments.


Make it Monday: Easy Way to Add Foil to Your Projects


I was lucky enough to go to Creativation – the annual Craft and Hobby Association’s show.  I met tons of ‘celebrities’ (at least in my eyes) and learned tons of new techniques.  My favorite one was from Wendy Vecchi about using foil without any special machines or glues.  I was so excited about this that once I was home and back in my craft room, I just had to try it!


Wendy Vecchi

  • First, stamp the image with embossing ink.
  • Then add embossing powder and heat set – just like normal.
  • Then, heat the section that will have foil so that it’s soft.
  • Press and rub the foil with your fingers until it comes off easily.




That’s it!  So easy!  And it allows you to re-use the foil over and over again until it’s fully used up.  Yes, my mind is blown.  I’ll be add this technique to so many of my upcoming projects!  Thanks Wendy!

Supplies used (affiliate links):




Forever Friday: Making Greeting Cards in Projects


This week, I’m showing you how to make greeting cards with Forever Projects.  From birthday cards, monogrammed cards and thank you cards, there’s really no limit to what you can create!


Also, I have a little secret… Forever is discounting all printed cards 30% in February but you can enjoy the discount now with the promo code BEMINE.  I’d love to see a screen shot of the cards you make!


Animated Stamps at CHA

The only video I took while at Creativation was Uchi Design’s Animated Stamps.  I found them truly innovative and interesting.

Other trends seemed to be  multi-step stamps (one stamp set, maybe three stamps that you use, one after another, to build an image) like this marble stamp.


I also saw quite a bit of stamp/die combos. The combos you could buy sometimes together, sometimes separately. We even saw one that embossed and die-cut *at the same time*.





There was so much to see!  I was certainly on overload after two days here, but it was well worth the trip!


Make it Monday: National Handwriting Day


Did you know that today is National Handwriting Day?  I found this interesting quiz and article on about cursive writing.  In trying to learn brush lettering, I’m told that it’s best to practice the old fashioned cursive to be more successful.

I find that I am handwriting about half the time and keyboard typing the rest.  It’s easier for me to write longer works (like this blog post) on the keyboard yet I still have a handwritten to-do list.  I’ve also found that when I hand write something, I tend to remember it better – like driving directions or a recipe.


As a digi scrapper, I’d like to have my own handwriting as my journaling font.  I’ve used YourFonts to do this.  You basically print out their template, write your letters, scan and upload to them.  They’ll return a digital version of your handwriting.  You can try it and preview it on the screen for free.


For me, it took a few tries to get the template completed just right.  But once done, it was easy to upload and veiw on the screen. If you like what you see, you can purchase it for $9.95.

How are you celebrating National Handwriting Day?


Make it Monday: Re-use Cards

OK, so I know it’s technically Tuesday.  I meant to post this yesterday but, well, uh, the day got away from me.  Apologies.

So I had a couple of thank you cards to write from the holidays and I’d just taken down my decorations, including the cards I’d received.  I only store/archive a small amount of cards I receive each year and try to re-use many others.  Especially since I do get so many wonderfully handmade cards each year.

For one, I fussy cut the decoration and adhered it to a new background – and then to a card back.   For the other, I removed the Happy Holidays sentiment and added paper.  For both, I used scrapbook paper to make envelopes.


I love being able to re-use cards as well as use up some supplies.  Are you doing the same?  Please share in the comments!

Forever Friday: Vacation Photos Workflow

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!  Memories were made and now is the time to consider how you’ll document them.

We were able to take a last moment trip to Mexico and had a really wonderful time!  We did manage to take a bunch of pictures but less so than in past trips.  Since I’ve been slacking on finishing my 2015 family album and haven’t started 2016, I decided to start this year by working on our vacation album.  I’ve already pulled the pictures off the camera and into Historian.  They’re all tagged and star-rated.  Here’s my checklist:

  1. Remove all images from all cameras (we used a point & shoot as well as a DSLR.) into a folder on my personal computer.
  2. Delete the really (really) bad pictures.
  3. Load all pictures into Historian.
  4. Select all and Name them.  I used “Grand Luxxe Nueveo Vallarta” for ease in searching later.
  5. Tag them.  I put them all into the Nuevo Vallarta box (we’ve been at least 4 times in the past 15 years and they’re all in one place).  I also tagged the images for myself and my husband to make it easier for future searching.
  6. Go through each image and star-rate.  I use 4 stars as the indicator that it must be used in my photo book and to be uploaded to my online Forever account.  Three stars are the next best, in case I’d like to put more into the photo book.
  7. Upload the 4 starred images to Forever (this is super easy as you do it right from Historian).
  8. Share the Forever album with family and friends.
  9. Delete the folder from my personal computer.

We took just over 400 pictures during the seven day trip.  My Historian account shows 365 after I deleted the really (really) bad ones.  I had 45 that were four starred and shared with family and friends.  This entire process took me maybe 1 to 2 hours total.  Now I’m ready to work on the album!

How would you like to finish a  photo book this month?  Join our Finish in 4 Challenge where you will learn how to use Forever Projects to complete and order a photo book.  If you’re interested, comment below (or email me with the email address you use on Facebook) so I can add you to our closed group.  There will be weekly homework and accountability to help you get your project completed.


Forever Friday: Recipe Mug for Gifting

I’m loving putting recipes on mugs, including the dry ingredients and gifting.  I did this with a mug microwave brownie recipe and have just finished this HotButtered Rum one.  I’m looking forward giving this as a gift!  Scroll down to learn how to make this in less than 5 minutes using Forever Projects.  And if you’d like to re-use my image, message me so I can send a full resolution, non-watermarked one to you.




I’m heading to the sun and beach in Mexico – have a great holiday and CHEERS!