Seven powerful tips to save time when managing your photos

The following tips are some simple ways to take control of your pictures after they have been taken.   Implement one or two today and you will see results right away!

Managing your photos tip No. 1: Delete the bad pictures. Yes! You have permission to do this. Retain the pictures that tell the story.

Managing your photos tip No. 2: While traveling, make sure to take pictures of signs, boards and/or placards that contribute to the story. These will be terrific memory joggers when it is time to recall the who, what, where & when.

Managing your photos tip No. 3: Schedule 15 to 20 minutes a week to remove pictures from your device (camera, phone) onto your computer. Make this an appointment on your calendar just like the other aspects of your life.

Managing your photos tip No. 4: Give all like pictures the same, meaningful name. Select all and re-name. This is easiest done within a software package that is specifically geared toward photo management.

Managing your photos tip No. 5: For digital pictures, view the images as thumbnails and rotate all at once.  This is often more efficient when done with a photo management software.

Managing your photos tip No. 6: Choose the very best and have it enlarged for quick custom framing.

Managing your photos Tip No. 7:   Give your pictures star ratings, 5 stars are for the very best, down to 1 star for those worth saving since they contribute to telling the story. Another way to use star ratings is to assign a number to each family member.  Five stars for dad, four stars for mom, three for brother.  Using the star rating can make searching for your photos fast and easy.

Karen Siegel Fitting has been helping her clients keep up-to-date with their photos for over 5 years. Since January, 2008 her clients have completed over 10 albums, custom framed dozens of pictures, and have maintained sanity in the effort of keeping their photos managed.


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