Five simple tips to manage your photos while on vacation

Five simple tips to manage your photos while on vacation


Following these simple tips will not only help you have a more enjoyable vacation, but also an easier, faster time compiling the memories in an album to show off your travels.


Vacation photo tip #1: Prepare.  Have a system in place for capturing the memories you collect before you leave.  Consider a Travel File Mate: an accordion file, pre-labeled with each day of the trip, filled with  lined photo-safe paper and an archival pen.  While on vacation, this stays open in the room so you can drop receipts, brochures, maps, postcards, anything picked up along the way into the proper section.


Vacation photo tip #2: Re-cap every day.  Give yourself 15 minutes every day to jot down significant memories.  Remember that funny story, places visited, how you felt doing different activities.  To maximize your efficiency, use photo-safe paper and an archival pen so these memories are immediately ready to put into an album.  Of course, it is also appropriate to jot down your notes to re-write when you return home.  Each day’s notes can be slipped into the proper section of your Travel File Mate.


Vacation photo tip #3: Get at least two.  That’s two copies of everything!  Brochures,maps, postcards, flyers.  One can be used to cut, tear and put into your album.  The other can be retained to help you write important things about the place or event.


Vacation photo tip #4:  Don’t miss photos.  Signs, streets, view from your hotel room, view from the pool/water back to your hotel room.  Digital technology allows us to take unlimited images.  I use these pictures to help me document where we have gone, activities we participated in and the place(s) we stayed.  These images, when edited, often become the titles for my pages.  Oh, one more thing, make sure that you are in some of the pictures, not always taking them!


Vacation photo tip #5:  Delete.  Yes, this is OK.  Delete the bad pictures.  The ones that do not contribute to the story.


Bonus vacation photo tip:  If you travel with your laptop, make sure you have your photo management software pre-loaded.  Spend at least 30 minutes every other day unloading your camera; renaming & rotating your pictures.


Karen Siegel Fitting has been helping her clients keep up-to-date with their photos for over 5 years.   Since January, 2008 her clients have completed over 15 albums, custom framed dozens of pictures, and have maintained sanity in the effort of keeping their photos managed.


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