Scrap Camp is the best way to finish your albums

I love putting together my Scrap Camp! Not only is it a weekend away with friends, but also a time to work on my own photo projects.

There’s a core group of 8-10 scrappers who will always be at Camp. We have decided that these twice a year weekends are the best opportunities to make progress on our projects.

Organizing a weekend like this can seem daunting, but after doing it a few times, I think I have it down to a science. Finding the perfect location and gaining a handful of loyal croppers is the key. At the end of each weekend I facilitate a discussion about what went well and what could be improved. The participants love seeing their suggestions implemented at future events!

We arrive late afternoon Friday, get all set up before dinner and then scrap all weekend long, through Sunday afternoon. It is so nice to leave all your stuff out when it’s time for bed. Other than breaking for meals, it’s scrapping at its best! Often it can be very quiet, with everyone working on their pages while other times, we are animated in discussion or all helping with color, border or background ideas for someone’s page.

In addition to scrapping, there’s wonderful conversation! Sometimes this is the only time and place we see one another, yet we really get to know everyone quite well. It takes most of the first night to get updates on our lives.

Scrapbooking is all about protecting the stories and memories of our lives. This is expressly evident during these Camps. Everyone seems to remember each other’s life challenges and celebrations. It’s really wonderful to see and hear the camaraderie!

We discuss our lives, books, movies, music, religion, politics and more. This is a safe place to express feelings and opinions. Sometimes we can offer insight for one another with life, work, and/or family situations. We have a pact that nothing leaves Scrap Camp!

I will say that the very best part about our Scrap Camp is the volume of progress we make. Recently, we finished over 10 albums and hundreds of pages in only 48 hours! One person actually ran out of pictures just a few hours before Camp ended. She will probably hold off on coming to Camp next time so she has enough to work on. We suggested that she just take more pictures and join us in the fall.

Karen Siegel Fitting has been helping her clients keep up-to-date with their photos for over 5 years. Since January, 2009 her clients have completed over 10 albums and have maintained sanity in the effort of keeping their photos managed.


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