Show your gratitude by giving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I enjoy bright sunny days with a crisp chill in the air, being warm and cozy at home with family.  This is also a time of year where we think about all that which we are thankful.

Gratitude is a key factor when in business; however why does it always have to be shown in the form of Thank You?  How much do you GIVE this time of year?

Do you have employees?  What are some ideas for giving to them?  Depending on your business and your employees needs you can give them extra paid time off to spend with their families or a gift card to the local market to help them with their holiday meal.  Better yet, ask each one how you can make this year’s Thanksgiving the best ever?  Listen to their answers and do your best to follow through – you may hear some simple requests that are easy to accomplish.

What about your customers?  How can you give to them?  For the rest of the year, make a genuine offer to help.  You can say something like, “Jim, what are you struggling with the most in your business right now?  I would love to see how I can help you overcome this”.  It may not even be related to your business but you may have knowledge, resources and/or referral partners who can really be of benefit.

How can you give back to your referral partners?  Have a similar conversation with them that you have with your customers.  How can you help them move their business forward from now until the end of the year?  What do they need to accomplish?  Offer to have a brainstorming session to help them get to those goals.

During these days of gratitude, I find fulfillment and pleasure when I know I have selflessly given to help others.   How can I help you?




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