That would make a great cover page!

I’ve been scrapbooking for my entire life.  When I was in high school and went to France as an exchange student, I quickly put my pictures into an album.  This album already had windows but I still had to trim and tape my pictures to make them fit.  I think that was my first scrapbook!  Of course, I was unaware of photo safety at the time.

Those days, I was taking pictures to share with my friends & family, without any purpose…just taking pictures for the sake of taking them.  Now, I find myself taking pictures for the sake of the album and the stories that go along with them.
Recently, we took a day trip to see Elephant Seals and their calves (officially called Weiners).  My husband and I shared the camera so we could have different points of view.  At one time, when the camera was in my hands, he asked me to take a picture of a sign.  I said that I had done so, but it was while the tour guide was also in the picture, which to me, was interesting.  He then asked for the camera and snapped a close up of the sign while saying “that would make for a great cover”!  Boy, I’ve taught him, huh?
Sometimes I wonder if the albums I make are really that important for anyone beside me.  Based on my husband’s comment, I think I have my confirmation that he appreciates them and is willing to help me by taking pictures for the sake of the album.
Lesson learned?  Involving family members to recognize photo-album worthy opporunities is really rewarding.  I’m looking forward to scrapping the Elephant Seals pictures and putting that sign on my first page!

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