Business Travel leads to scrapbooking pages too!

I love to teach. I love to be able to explain a complicated concept in a simple way so that learners “get it”. I also love to travel. I’m lucky that my love for teaching has brought me to a variety of places in the US that I might never have considered when planning a vacation. North Dakota, Oklahoma City and Columbus, Ohio might be examples. To see these cities and talk with the locals is really interesting to me.

Recently, in Columbus, I browsed the tourist guide in my hotel room to see what the city had to offer. I found out about a Topiary Garden designed after the Sunday in the Afternoon impressionist painting by Seurat. I knew I had to see that!

On the last day of work, I spent some time enjoying Columbus. First, I did some shopping at the Longaberger Factory Outlet. I got caught in a major thunderstorm and loved every moment! We don’t get a lot of those in Northern California.

Then, I drove to the garden. I was immediately impressed with the city’s architecture – such a blend of old and new! The garden itself was worth the visit; however the pictures in the promotional materials were far better than seeing it in person. It seemed that they were going through a re-growth of the greenery so there was a lot of the metal structure showing through.

From there, I went to North Market. For me, it was an indoor foodie fest! I saw over 30 merchants offering unique goods and foods. I just had to try the Wildberry Lavender Ice Cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. It was so good that I ended up buying her cookbook in order to try to make those wonderful flavors at home.

Of course, I had my camera and was able to take a dozen or so shots along the way. Together with this blog posting, they’ll make a great scrapbook page in my annual album. Who would think that business travel could lead to such scrapping discoveries?


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