Is Back-to-School the new New Year for scrapbookers?

For many, the back to school season is sometimes like the New Year. Once the kids are back in school and on a routine schedule, many parents (and non-parents) feel like they can tackle projects from their backlog. Many experience a feeling of renewal at the end of summer. It’s as if we can start a new fitness regiment or de-clutter our home or finally finish those photo projects!

If you’re feeling like this, here are a few ways you can get re-energized.

Get organized! Sometimes all it takes is making an appointment with yourself by scheduling time into your calendar. It’s amazing what can get done in just a couple of focused hours. Plan the time out; start by emptying the old unsafe photos albums. Or collecting pictures that are all over the house and putting them in one place, maybe on the dining room table? This might help to ensure the table is clear for Thanksgiving dinner. From there, you can sort, organize and decide whether they are going into photo safe boxes or right into albums.

Start making holiday gifts! Digital scrapbooking makes it really easy to create a single project that would work for many gifts. Imagine a 2012 calendar for grandparents that include the best pictures from 2011? Or how about a new coffee mug, mouse pad or photo panel? What a great way to spend a couple of hours while the kids are doing homework.

Connect with friends! For some, scrapbooking is a social event. Invite fellow scrappers for a fun time together sharing stories and getting your projects done. Sharing with others creates the socialization that we love but also the accountability to finish the project. Who will you invite to your dining room table for a cropping session?

Take a class! There are so many offerings to help us learn new techniques – both online and in person. Prices are really reasonable and it’s another way to stay motivated. From learning to take better pictures, to simple scrapbooking methods to how to use specialized markers, there’s something for everyone. There are even some virtual crops and challenges that will help you get your projects done.

Are you feeling the excitement of the crisp fresh air outside, kids in school and your photo projects just waiting to be finished? The fall is a great time of year to get re-energized and back into your scrapbooking projects. Ready? Set? Go!


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