Does this baby make me look fat?

That was the caption to a picture in my email last night from a good friend announcing her pregnancy.   I’m in the midst of a baby boom as four of my friends are expecting.  Actually, the first one was born last night, but the remaining three are due between December and February.

Gift giving comes easy to me since I have access to great gifts through scrapbooking!  Baby’s First Year calendars are my favorite.  I can customize the layouts for gender and for the colors in the baby’s room.  Since I do it all digitally, it’s fast and easy!

Here’s a couple of the pages I did for the baby girl born last night.  Her room is pink and grey with zebras and other zoo animals…. I loved re-designing these pages for her colors!


Another one will have the Finding Nemo theme – I’m already working on how that one will look.  I’m so excited!   So is there a baby boom in your life?  What kinds of photo gifts can you think of?  Join me with your ideas in the comments.

And no…. this baby makes you look wonderful!


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