Where I Have Come and Where I am Going

I hosted a birthday party for my husband last weekend and we got to talking about the “Survivor Style Birthday Party” we did nine years ago.  As we were describing it in detail to our friends, it occurred to me that I have an album from that event.

Sure enough, at 11pm, in the dark, I pulled out the album.  Turning on some lights and flipping through it with one of our current party guests was a blast!  We didn’t know her at that time but she had heard about the party over the years.   To see our friends and family from long ago… we’ve all changed and grown up!

It’s times like this that make me so proud that I scrapbook our lives.

It’s also times like this that I witness my evolution as a scrapbook-er.



Look at those pages – can you say booooring?  Yes.  But at the time, that was the style and those were the supplies available.  Not to mention my lack of skill.

Now, I’m a completely digital scrapbook-er.  I have found that I actually get more creative and take more risks as a digi-scrapper.   I spend much more time on my layouts and try to learn more techniques.   I even follow other scrapbookers work through blogs and podcasts.

I’ve always loved scrap-booking but I find that I am loving it even more these days.  I guess I need to go find more pictures from that party and scan them so I can make some digi-layouts!


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