Small Business Saturday

Hello friends!

I must say that I really love seeing your smiling faces through the annual holiday card.  It’s one of my favorite parts about this season.  However, when I turn the card over to see the vendor, I cringe.

I’ve done a very poor job of sharing with you how I can help you get your photo cards done fast and easy.  I’m hoping that on this Small Business Saturday, you will consider me for your photo holiday cards.

Of course, what vendor you use is totally up to you, but let me share with you some [maybe new to you] options:

1)      Creative Memories Luxe stationary items are really high quality and competitively priced.  Many of these cards are on sale at 20% off.  Additionally, I will do a complimentary layout for you this holiday season.                                (you might need my CMID #66406750

2)      How does doing it all online sound to you?  Create your card, upload your list and Send Out Cards will print, stuff, stamp and mail.  This is how I do mine every year and the cards are gorgeous and it takes me so little time!  Again, I’ll even to a complimentary layout for you.

If either of these options are of interest to you, I would love to help you get this part of the holiday season finished.  In the spirit of Small Business Saturday – Thank you!

Happy Holidays!


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