Capturing Holiday Memories

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m thinking about my holiday srapbooking layouts.  Here are some pictures I’m going to ensure I capture;

  • Meal Preparation – it’s fun to take pictures of the meal itself, but who prepared what?
  • Decorations – Think from the outside in… it the outdoors decorated?  Capture daytime and nighttime pictures.  The Tree before and after Santa’s arrival and maybe even after the gift openings too!  The dining area, before and after dinner.  And so on….
  • Family Gathering – playing with toys/gifts, sleeping after a great meal, being silly, singing along, simple moments that really can show off the spirit the celebration.
  • Pets – did they get gifts that they love?  How did they open their gifts?

These are going to be the must have shots, above and beyond the typical ones.  When and where will you snap that picture tomorrow?  Let me know in the comments.

Here’s to the Happiest Holiday Season, however you celebrate!


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