Your Handwriting as a Font

There are many benefits to being a digi-scrapper;

  • Easy to use the digital images we’re always taking;
  • Re-use the digi content – stickers, paper, and embellishments.  Buy once and use over and over again;
  • Leverage the variety of fonts available.

Some digi-scrappers find the fact that their handwriting is missing from their pages.  Fear no longer!  I’ve found an easy and inexpensive website where you can create your own handwriting font – within minutes!  Click here for more information.

You download a template and write your characters within.  This might be considered the hardest part of the entire process.

You then scan and upload the completed template.  From there, the website will give you a preview of your font.  It’s then that you can decide to purchase or not. And I thought the price was very reasonable.  I uploaded the basic letters and it was just under $10!

Never was I asked to give them my contact information (nope, no name, email, anything).

And… since today is National Handwriting Day, you can find a coupon code to use to make it free (today only).  I saw the code on their twitter account @yourfonts.

This is a great resource for digi-scrappers who still want to use their own handwriting in their layouts.  I could see including fonts from my family members as a great addition to my layouts.


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