Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories

2016 update: Creative Memories is back!  Click here to shop.

Ani is a Hawaiian word meaning Beautiful.  Zoe is a Greek work meaning Life.  It was decided to add the ‘h’ to Ahni to aid in pronunciation.

Let me summarize the new, simpler product line.  For details, take a look at the catalog.

For Traditional Scrappers – there are two album lines.   Fast2Fab Albums include predesigned pages/themes where you can add your printed pictures.   Slide-in Albums are our version of pocket albums/pages.  There are also pre-cut paper packs to help enhance these albums.  The 12×12 Slide-in pages are a great replacement for Side Loading Sleeves.

For Digital Scrappers – there’s a new app called Inawink.  It’s currently available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and a web version will be coming in the New Year.  This app will help you take, organize (with journaling), and print your pictures.   Oh, and we’ll be offering cloud storage!

For StoryBook Creator scrappers, I will continue to scrap this way.  I plan on becoming a Panstoira affiliate soon.  Ultimately we’ll have to buy and install Artisan but we can hold off on that for now.  I’ll keep you updated.

Previews of Ahni & Zoe start mid-November with the Grand Opening is scheduled for January.

I am looking for people to become hosts for our new quick stop and shop style parties and am currently scheduling Saturdays in December and January.  As a thank you to hosts, you’ll receive one item at half price and a discount for your other items depending on the sales of your party.

I also encourage you to consider becoming a consultant.  It’s always great to get in at the ground floor!   If nothing else, you could buy your supplies at a discount.  We’ve lowered the minimums to stay a consultant so it’s much more attractive now than ever.

Thank you so much for your patience through all of these changes.  I was uncertain about what CM would look like, but I’m feeling re-energized about everything.  As always, I’d love to answer your questions – just drop me a note or give me a call.



3 thoughts on “Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories

  1. I am very confused! Is Ahni & Zoe or Creative Memories or whatever you are calling the company at this point in time going to be up and running soon or not? Today’s date is 10/22/14 and I still cannot figure out what this company is up to.

    • Ellen, It’s a very confusing situation! As of today, neither Creative Memories nor Ahni & Zoe are in business. I’m told that there’s someone who is re-opening a company that will have some of the product from both product lines. At the moment, I understand it will be called CM. As I know more, I’ll update this post and likely a new post as well. Cheers!

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