Are you a pocket scrapbooker?

I’m just venturing out into that realm.  It looks easy, but I feel like it might stifle my creativity.  I mean, I can only work within that little pocket right?  What if my picture doesn’t fit?  Or I want bigger embellishments?  Or I want to turn the picture around in the pocket?  And what do you do on the other side of the pocket page?

I’ve seen beautiful layouts done in this style and am excited to venture into it.  But I am uncertain of where or how to start.  I guess I just need to print those pictures and get started.

I’m also going to attend True Scrap Pocket Pages in January.   This one-day live, virtual event offers information and inspiration to use the pocket scrapbooking/Project Life format.

I’m excited to learn from each of the awesome Project Life/pocket designers like Marcy Penner, The Traci Reed, Layle Koncar, and more.   It will really kick me into high gear with trying pocket style scrapbooking.  I’ve attended previous True Scrap events and came away with great ideas and techniques that I continue to use in my layouts.

This weekend, in honor of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, True Scrap Pocket Pages is being offered at a deep discount.  I know that’s when I’m going to register!

You can see more information and the full lineup here.

Take a look at True Scrap Pocket Pages and see if you might want to attend with me.  It’s always more fun with a friend!  And please share in the comments your experiences with Pocket Scrapping.



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