Panstoria Affliation

I have now become an affiliate for Panstoria, the developer of Memory Manager & StoryBook Creator. Their same products are called Artisan and Historian.; To continue to benefit from these products, please click the images..

Artisan%20store%20image Historian%20store%20image
For those of you who use(d) Memory Manager and StoryBook Creator, you will have to re-purchase the Historian and Artisan products; Rest assured that your content will still show up and you will not have to re-learn how to use them.


2 thoughts on “Panstoria Affliation

  1. I no longer have access to Memory manager but the vault folders are still on my computer. Problem is I am unable to open the folders to get to my photos. What can I do beside purchasing your program?

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment – I’d be happy to help! What happens when you click open the folder? I’m guessing you see a bunch of numbered files. Those are actually your images. Memory Manager stored all the images on your computer in a random way, however they are all still there. If you prefer to use another software/method for them you will have to reorganize them manually. Otherwise, Historian (the replacement for Memory Manager) can be used and you’ll retain all the folders and tags you set. Feel free to email me directly with additional questions – To see more about Historian, click here: I hope this helps!

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