Layout A Day – LOAD214

I am asked all the time “How do find time to do so much scrapbooking”?  I work full time, often traveling for my job.  Since  I also keep busy with my social and volunteer commitments, this is a good question!

One of my tricks is to participate in Layout A Day (LOAD) challenges.  For each day during LOAD months, I take some time to create at least one layout.  Lain Ehmann, the producer, comes up with wonderful themes and prompts to get me thinking – and sometimes scrapping – differently.

I started participating in LOAD in February, 2011 and have completed 187 layouts through seven LOADs to date.  In 2013, I completed 86 layouts because of LOAD.

An unexpected bonus is that the participants have really become like a family to me.  We’ve gotten to know one another through these events and look forward to ‘seeing’ friends in the gallery.  I’ve even officially joined the Scrap Happy members-only community.  Last fall, I participated in a family-only LOAD hosted by community members.

LOAD starts again on February 1st with the theme of Mythbusters – busting Scrapbooking Myths.  I’m really looking forward to seeing each day’s prompt!  And if a prompt doesn’t work for me, I know that it’s OK to just scrap what I want.  Especially since my goal this February is to finish my 2013 pictures – from September through December.

Right now, I’m getting ready by unloading the pictures from my memory cards and organizing them with Historian.  I’m taking the time to star-rate all my pictures to ensure that the best ones make it to my layouts.  I’m hopeful that this will save me time when working each daily layout.

I’ll share some of my other scrapping tricks soon, but I have to go get ready for LOAD!

If you’re following the LOAD Blog Hop, your next blog is Danielle

And here’s the whole list, in case you missed someone.
Karen   You’re here now!
Lisa E
Lisa H


29 thoughts on “Layout A Day – LOAD214

  1. Doesn’t that pile of finished layouts at the end of LOAD make you feel GOOD!?! I also need to get some of my photos in a state to use so I guess I ought to do that pretty quickly! thanks for joining the hop and for your words of encouragement. The part about the Scrap Happy family is so so true! 🙂

  2. I look forward to LOADs since I carve out time to scrapbook. I hardly ever scrapbook during the months in between and we all know how much we LOADsters get done in those LOAD months. Can’t wait to get started!

  3. Star rating the photos is a good tip for planning, in the long run too. I have yet to do it, but I am doing better at editing (deleting) poor photos and the myrids of multiples as they are uploaded to computer.

  4. Thanks for the ideas, Karen. I’ve got to start going through my photos and get a feel for what I might accomplish. And you are right about meeting the nicest people at LOAD 🙂

  5. You are right about getting to know everyone. I have made several good friends through this experience. I am so excited to be playing along with yet another event and look forward to meeting more new friends.

    • Thanks Christy, and what I forgot to mention is how cool it is that we’re a worldwide bunch! i feel like I have friends is so many cool places! See you at LOAD!

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