Using Historian to Organize Pictures

Organizing my pictures is a critical activity for me as I get ready for Layout A Day (LOAD). I like to use Panstoria’s Historian as my organizing and editing software program.


Usually I take the pictures off the camera more frequently than I organize in Historian. Therefore, I already have folders for each event’s pictures on my external hard drive. I import each event one at a time into Historian.


Here are the activities I do with each import, many of these activities can also be done in other applications (Picasa, Windows Explorer, etc…)

Name all pictures with the event or place. Highlight all the pictures and simply type the name into the General Panel on the right.

Tag all pictures with at least one tag. If both my husband and I are in the picture, it gets tagged with both our names. I will often select multiple pictures that would be tagged the same, then right click on them and tag away.

TagPictures    TagPictures1

I do minimal editing. I may crop, however Artisan (my digi-scrapping software) also allows cropping and I find it easier to crop while working on my layout. Sometimes Occasionally, I’ll auto-fix for lighting/contrast.


While editing I star-rate my pictures. My rules are quite flexible. Four stars are the ones that must go in the scrapbook, while three stars are the ones that could go in the scrapbook. Two stars are the filler shots, if I need more to go on a layout. Additionally, five stars are the most special and possibly used over and over for layouts, prints, enlargements or more.


Once this is done, I can easily look for pictures. My favorite way is to use the timeline at the bottom of the screen. Selecting the year.


Stretching it out to see each month and selecting one.


Now I can select based on stars.


And finally, I can share these pictures to Artisan and work on my layout.


Now that my pictures are organized, I’m ready for the first prompt for LOAD on Saturday! I’m excited to finish my 2013 album in February.


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