My pictures are everywhere!

Do you take pictures with many different cameras?  I have a  digital SLR, a point and shoot, my phone and my iPad!  WOW!  I’ve been trying to figure out the easiest way to get my mobile snapshots easily off their device so I can organize and include them in my layouts.  I’ve recently discovered the ease of using Dropbox to simplify this task.

I installed Dropbox to my iPad and to mobile phone so that whenever a picture is snapped, it’s auto saved into the shared folder.  Then, when I empty the cameras and do my organizing in Historian, I can pull in the pictures from this shared folder.  I did this for the first time today (with over 700 pictures) and it was magical.  Now my Instagram and other edited pictures can easily be pulled into my layouts.

I know Dropbox has been around forever, but I’m just now joining the bandwagon.

How do you keep organized with all the pictures you’re taking?


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