Happy [inter]National Scrapbook Day

Happy [inter]National Scrapbook Day!

Today, the first Saturday in May, is National Scrapbook Day. I wish I was scrapping, but I’m enjoying the spring-like weather, taking pictures and making memories instead.   At least I’m doing Layout a Day (LOAD) this month!

If you are scrapping, consider posting your layouts on Instagram to help Big Picture Classes hit their 10K challenge.   You can try to earn prizes if you sign up for free.  While your there, feel free to follow me (PhotosKeptAlive).

For those of you who are digi-scrappers, there’s a lot happening online this weekend including great sales on content and loads of freebies!

ScrapOrchard is one of my go-to sites. Many of their template designers will offer templates in the .sbpage or .page formats for easy use in StoryBook Creator or Artisan. And I simply love so many of those designers! I’ve already shopped and bought through their $1 sale that’s happening this weekend only.

Many of the Orchard designers are offering freebies through a blog hop that starts with with Dream Big Designs.

This year, my new discovery is the The Digi-Scrap Parade. There’s about 50 designers there with great offers and freebies.

For StoryBook Creator/Artisan users, did you know that Panstoria has content that works with your software? There are some great new designers and several freebies you can grab as well.   If you are new to Panstoria, create your account here so that we’re connected.  If you already have a Panstoria account, please login with this link so we are connected. 

I’d love to know what are you doing to celebrate [inter]National Scrapbook Day?




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