Documenting Tragic Events

10406534_786043791414426_3472206392602610038_nFor the past 10 days all I can do is think about my Alpha Phi sisters at University of California, Santa Barbara. What amazing and strong women they are to hunker down and not answer their door when a gunman was on a rampage. I’m so proud to call these women sisters.

This tragic event has me thinking about how I scrapbook such events. They’re forever in my memory, but how do I share that with others? I’m reminded about how I documented the events of September 11, 2001.

20140603-171255-61975526.jpg20140603-171254-61974469.jpgWhen documenting tragic or sad events, I think the best thing is just to tell my story. To include how I felt and maybe why I felt that way.   When tragic events happen in the world, they have an impact on me and I think they are as important to document as my vacations or celebrations.   Sharing my emotions about these events can be healing. As you can see in my 9/11 pages, I included news articles as well as some of my own pictures. But the biggest piece here is my story – how that day impacted me.

Do you document tragic events? If so, share with us in the comments how you’ve done it.

By the way, Alpha Phi Foundation supports women in need with scholarships and emergency funds. Every $5 helps – please consider helping….










4 thoughts on “Documenting Tragic Events

  1. I’ll confess, I usually don’t scrapbook the ‘bad’ stuff. I think that is great how you are capturing how these events affect you and putting those emotions into your scrapbooks!

  2. First of all, I love that you’re still so active with your house! I was an ADPi at SDSU and very active in greek life while on campus, as well as years after serving as an advisor to my chapter. Sadly, the chapter closed and I never pursued becoming active in another chapter. Maybe that’ll be in my next life chapter! As for documenting tragic events, I can’t say I have. But I do love your take – that it’s not from a journalistic/historian perspective alone – but how the event itself changed your story. Great food for thought. Thanks for getting my mind thinking 🙂

    • Connie, I’m sure ADPi has a local alumnae group. It’s a fun social and networking outlet. I know that many scrapbookers want to keep it all “happy” but life sometimes has unhappy moments. Beyond the world events, there’s family events. I remember scrapping my canine-child’s illness a couple of years ago. It’s a part of my life that I feel important to document. Thanks for reading!

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