Taking and Using Pictures of Food

Posting pictures of food is quite a trend these days.  Some people are better than others in their food photography skills.  I know mine can be improved.

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I recently participated in a webinar on this topic and learned some great tips to get started;

* Take pictures from several angles.  Table height will give you more of the bowl, cup, plate, serving dish.  Up high pointing down at the food will show off more of the food.  Both perspectives are worth exploring, among others.

* Include people eating the food.  In addition to capturing their facial expressions, you can also see how the food is being handled in order to eat.  Whether it’s a juicy burger picked up with hands, or a delicious ice cream eaten with a spoon.

* Include utensils.  One photo I saw recently was of a main dish that included the fork.  It was a close up but it was really enticing and made me drool.

Looking for more tips?  I’m taking a class called Insta-Food taught by The Scrapper on the Street, Dani.  I’ve taken several of her classes and she’s a wonderful teacher!  It’s a two week course with daily pdf files and tons of ideas!  I’ve seen her food pictures and scrapbook layouts and I know I have a lot to learn!  Join me starting Monday with Insta-Food.



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