Summer Scrapping Challenge

It’s taken me a while to get into the summer swing of things. After traveling for work in April and May, June was spent catching up. Now that I’m in the mountains enjoying some much needed [slowing] down time, I’ve started thinking about summer in the US.

Here’s what I think of when I think about summer;Logo

  • Outdoor grilling
  • Time at the lake, ocean or pool
  • Camping
  • Baseball games
  • Reading fun chick-lit
  • Frozen cocktails with umbrella’s
  • Yummy cold fruit salads with lots of melon
  • Relaxing

Notice that much of this list is based outdoors? Probably the least best place to scrapbook! It’s no wonder those of us in the US don’t scrap as much this time of year. But even if we can work on a page or two, here and there, it’s progress, right?

In an effort to help us keep scrappin’ along, I’m hosting my second annual Summer Scrapping Challenge. It’s an open Facebook Group where I’ll post weekly prompts/challenges for inspiration. This year, we’ll have prizes sprinkled throughout and a Grand Prize drawing for those who post their layouts during the summer. You can join the group here.

What does summer bring to mind for you?


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