Inspired By… Stephanie Ackerman

I’m starting a new series, Inspired By…. there are so many great paper Crafters out there that inspire me! I thought I would try to share what I’ve created from these folks. The first in this series is inspiration from Stephanie Ackerman. I know I’ve posted about her 52 Pick-Me-Up class before, however recently I was lucky enough to attend a class with her live. WOW. She’s as amazing as her blog posts allow us to believe.IMG_0993

During this 3.5 hour class, we created 6+ of the cards she demonstrates in her online class. There’s so much more to learn from her in person! I saw her ring of cards, her Documented Life Journal and just had a great opportunity to get to know her. The following are some lessons I learned during this time;

* It’s ok to cover one side of the card. She uses playing cards as the base and I always wondered what she does with the ‘back’. Most of the time, she leaves it as it is.

* Try tearing your base layer instead of cutting and having exact lines. Why do I always forget about tearing? I love the imperfect presentation!

* Try tearing the Washi in half – lengthwise. Another Ah-Ha moment!IMG_1001

* I always thought the process was straightforward from the online class, however it’s so much easier when she’s in person! She really enhanced how I make these cards by showing me what she means.

* “Less is more” was the mantra she spoke over and over again.

* “If it looks wrong, it’s right” was another mantra we heard many times during the class. I particularly love this one as I grow in my art journaling style.

Stephanie is a gem! I look forward the chance to take another class from her.



6 thoughts on “Inspired By… Stephanie Ackerman

  1. Karen I love the way your cards turned out. Your right about the torn paper, such an ah ha moment. Have to remember to do that more. That class was so much fun and it was nice to have the hands on teaching with Stephanie.

  2. Never a fan of getting my hands dirty, but I sure enjoyed the class with Stephanie (and being your tablemate)! I need to add to my supplies (gesso, paint, etc) so I can finish the rest of my cards.

    • Libby, you were fun to work with! And if you hadn’t told me, I never would have realized you didn’t like getting your hands dirty. I found paint through Freecycle and/or the dollar store (kiddie pots of paint).

  3. Thanks for posting this, Karen! I’m with Libby, no fan of getting my hands dirty. However, the baby wipes saved me this time. I loved Stephanie, loved our finished product, and will be doing this again!

    • Sherry, I enjoy the process. Sometimes I’ll work on 6 cards by doing a layer and walking away. Next day, I’ll do another layers. I prolong it and love that it gives me a little ‘art’ break during my ‘work at home’ days. Keep at it!

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