Tips for Using Facial Recognition in Historian

Panstoria’s Historian utilizes Facial Recognition to help tag your photos.  The previous product, Creative Memories Memory Manager, also included this feature in its latest version.


* You can decide whether or not facial recognition is used when you import photos.  I have declined to have Historian do this automatically for me because I am satisfied tagging and star rating my images on my own.  This is a setting in the software options area.

* You can ‘ignore’ faces if you wish.  This is particularly helpful when it’s a face that’s not often found in your images.

* You can see the sources that Historian uses when determining it’s suggestions.

For each of these and more, I recorded a quick video to show you more about working with Facial Recognition.

Addionally, Pixels2Pages has lots of information on this feature for it’s members.  I just used the search feature and came up with a dozen or so items.

Share in the comments what think about using Facial Recognition in your photo organizing?





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