Finding Images in Historian

Welcome back to Make It Monday!  Did you arrive from Kristie’s Artful Adventures and see how she wraps odd shaped gifts?  Keep reading and see who’s next in the circle.


I’ve been asked this question over and over so I thought it might be worthwhile to do a quick tutorial on finding your images in Historian.

Panstoria Historian

Panstoria Historian


I have almost 35,000 images in my Vault so it’s important to me to be able to find what I need efficiently.  What makes this a bit more difficult, is that I may have changed my strategy for organizing more than once over the years of using Historian.  That’s why I really love some of the built in features that are super helpful.

1) Use the Search feature.  From Home > Search.

Historian Search

Historian Search

Here is where you can choose where to have Historian look when searching.  I prefer to have it search in the Name or Story and where text is anywhere so I have more chances of finding my image.  I prefer to keep the Match Case check-mark unchecked.

Historian Search Options

Historian Search Options

This works best if you’re changing the name of your images after import (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t).

2) Use the Timeline at the bottom of your image window.

Historian Timeline

Historian Timeline

This is probably one of the places where I’m most successful in finding my images.  I often know approximately when the image was taken so I can click the year, open it up to the month and start scrolling.  Click for a quick video showing you how I use the Timeline.

3) Use Folders and Tags on the right. I rely heavily on my folders and tags.  If I’m looking for a picture taken in Disneyland, I can navigate right to my Places > Disneyland folder and see all the images from all the trips there I’ve taken. Combine that with my timeline and it’s often easy to find just what I’m looking for!

Historian Tags

Historian Tags

Historian is so flexible that you can use all three of these features together to make it much easier to find just what you’re looking for.

I love being able to help you use your Panstoria products easier and more effiently!  What addtional topics are of interest to you in the coming year?

Now, hop on over to Connie to see how she’s whipping up last minute holiday party treats and adding a festive gift tag!   And, if you’re celebrating, have a wonderful holiday this week!




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