Layout a Day, Feb ’15 (LOAD215)

LOAD215 1000x500
The Layout A Day (LOAD) challenge for Feb. 2015 is now open!!

If you’re not familiar with this program, it’s a month-long event where participants are challenged to create a layout a day, every day for the month of February. Each LOAD challenge has a theme, and LOAD215 will be “Once Upon a Time… Celebrating the Stories and Books of Our Youth.” We’ll use children’s literature to inspire our layouts and stories.

You can find out more here.

This time around, I’m also one of the featured designers!  I created several layouts to be featured in some of the daily prompts.

This is an annual event where I often complete my yearly family album.  I always look forward to finding time to finish a layout a day.  However, if that seems like a too large of a task for, there’s no Layout-Police.  If you can finish 1 layout in the month, that’s one more toward your completed album.  And if it motivates you to do 5 layouts, WONDERFUL!

So, what’s stopping you?  How does a Flash-Discount sound?  Regular registration is $50, but for January 1 & 2, EVERYONE can receive the alumni discount of 40% off with the code ALUM at checkout. This code expires at midnight 1/2/15.

Sign up now – here and then comment to let us know you’ll be joining us!

Oh, and it’s January 1, 2015 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!  What are your scrappy plans this year?

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