Yes! I can draw!

I’ve always wanted to draw, especially while traveling, but simply didn’t have the confidence.  Until now.


The class description was exactly perfect.  “Everyone can draw. In this class we’re going to leave behind the fear associated with drawing photo-realistically and embrace our own funky interpretations of the world around us. Keeping a sketchbook is a wonderful way to record your life, your travels, and the objects around you. Milton Glaser once said that you never really see something until you draw it. I agree! This class offers a laid back approach to launching your sketchbook practice!”

It helped that I’ve been following the instructor, Julie Fei Fan Balzer‘s blog for quite some time.  I just love her art journaling and watercolors.  It was so special for me to meet her in person!  And to find out that we have a ton in common!

2015-01-04 12.43.07  2015-01-04 10.01.42

She had us bring some items from nature as well as our watercolors, brushes, pencil and pens.  Within an hour, we learned a great trick about perspective that we applied right away.  And yes, I was drawing!

2015-01-04 12.33.02

The most challenging part was when we went outside to draw something in the neighborhood.  I picked the front of a home behind the studio.  Although it looks like a second grader did it, I’m proud of my work and feel so much more confident that I can DRAW!

2015-01-08 10.52.09

And, as an added bonus, the owner of the studio, Andrea is a teacher in the upcoming Truth Scrap.  She showed us her project…. I almost fell out of my chair.  It’s an art journal from start to finish – binding, pages and all.  She allowed me to share pictures so please, if this looks like something you would want to create, click here to see more about this amazing one day LIVE online class.

2015-01-04 12.33.33

2015-01-04 12.33.45

2015-01-04 12.33.51


So now, I have to practice.  I guess I’ll just put some objects together on my coffee table and sketch?  At least until my next business trip.  What are your thoughts about drawing?


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