The five Artisan tools I use on all my digi-layouts

I’d say I’m a fast digi-scrapper, mainly due to the fact that I use these tools on almost every layout.  Knowing the features of my software is the key to my success.

  • Home > Page > Change Template: I usually use a template as a starting point.  Often I’ll change it so much that by the end, it hardly looks like the original template!



  • Photos > Show > Photos Not Used: I love this feature since I usually do my photo books in spurts.  I’ll import the pictures I need for the layout(s) and then show the photos not used.



  • Content > Fill Selected Shape: I love how I can select something from the template and then use the Fill Selected Shape to fill it in with a paper.  And it works great with multiple items selected!



  • Insert > Text: I use each of the five options (Text, Text Path, Fancy, Shape and Symbol) frequently. It’s worth playing around with these features for titles and journaling.



  • Format > Heavy Shadow: I always put shadows on my layouts as it helps make them look more 3D.  Sometimes I’ll even use the 3D option but other times, a basic shadow will do.


To learn more about using Artisan, consider trying Pixels2Pages – they are awesome teachers!

Now, I’m in the process of digging deeper into Artisan as it’s a truly robust application with so much to offer.  Stay tuned for more posts on each of these features as I learn even more to help you enhance your digi-scrapping.

Do you have a favorite feature that’s not listed here?  Share with me in the comments so I can add it to my list of features to write about.





10 thoughts on “The five Artisan tools I use on all my digi-layouts

    • Donna,
      I agree that Artisan is super easy to use. And the Arrange feature is also one of my favorites! Stay tuned for more tips on that one. 🙂

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