Tagging your content in Artisan

Welcome to Make it Monday!  Did you arrive here from Alice and learn how to put your office supplies to work?  What great ideas!    Keep reading to find out who’s next in the circle.

After so many years of collecting (and buying) digi-content, I have finally come around to figuring out my organizing system.  I’ve learned to love the tagging feature.  Though it takes some set up, I’ve found it’s really worth it when I’m looking for just the right item for my layout.

The first step of my process is to unzip the content files and save them on my external hard drive.  The folder format I use is “Kit Name_Designer Name”.  Once that’s done, I open Artisan to the Content Manager > Kit Preview



The question mark icon indicates to me that it’s a new-to-Artisan kit.  I first make it a Personal Kit and then proceed to tagging.




I’ll select all items in the kit and tag by Designer.  This helps me so I can later look for all kits/embellishments by that designer at once.


Then I’ll go through the kit and tag by a variety of categories; flowers, hearts, stars, arrows, art journaling etc…


I’ll take one more pass through the content and tag by color; Red, Yellow, Orange…

Yes, this is alot of effort but in the long run, it makes my scrapping much more efficient when I’m looking for just the right item(s) to add to my layout.

Do you have a system for organizing your digi-embellishments?  I always love learning new ideas – share here in the comments.

And now, move along the Make it Monday circle to Beth who is sharing how she stays organized this year.


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