Using Shadows in your digi-layouts

It’s Make it Monday again!  Did you arrive from Jen who shared how to use Digi Stamps & Shapes in her Free template this week?  I love her ideas!

The biggest complaint I hear in the world of digi-scrapping is about making our layouts appear three dimensional.   Shadowing is one of the keys and I have an easy tip for you about using shadows to create more dimension.

Look at each of these flowers.  Which one do you think ‘pops’?


The one on the left has a drop shadow while the one on the right has a double shadow – giving it more oomph.   The following steps are within  Artisan software but I’m sure you can take these tips with your own digi application too! For these examples, I’m using the Craftastic kit from Dream Big Designs.

First, add your embellishment to your page.  Then with the embellishment selected, click Format > Heavy Shadow.  That’s all you need to do for the flower on the left.


To give more depth, try doing this.  Copy the embellishment (use the pull down in the Elements panel to Copy).



Then Paste by right clicking in the white space and selecting Paste.

In the Elements Panel, select the top of the two embellishments.  Click Format > Shadow and choose one that’s in an upward (and maybe left) direction.


Finally, align the two embellishments perfectly on top of one another so it looks like a single embellishment.  Select both, but select the one that is in the proper place last.  Use two buttons in the Arrange Ribbon – center vertically and then center horizontally.


Ta-Da!  As a final step, you may want to group them together so if you move it, they go as one object.  Select them both in the Elements window and choose Grouping > Group.



I’m finding that I like this look more and more for many of my embellishments.  So, if we go back to the beginning, which one do you like better?  The one on the left or the one on the right?



I’ll be sharing a video of this process to my email subscribers soon.  Not a subscriber?  Sign up here:

Now, keep moving along the Make it Monday circle to Melissa who’s showing us how she creates page for two albums at once .




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