E is for Elephants

More and more I’m using the Alphas that come with a kit, even though they’re often not built specifically for Artisan.

Elephant Layout

In this Elephants layout, I used Chelle’s Rollercoaster Alpha and recolored it.  One way to recolor is to find a color or paper and simply fill it.  However doing that you lose any of the textures built into the Alpha.

In order to keep the integrity of the Alpha, I like to use the Color Ribbon and either Adjust Hue or Color Wash.  For this layout, I used the Color Wash and selected an Orange Hexagon as the color palette.


Here was my process for this layout:

  1. Add each letter to the layout.
  2. Move around the page, align, group and resize as desired.
  3. Change the color – Color > Color Wash > Sample color from Screen (I picked an orange hexagon)
  4. Adjust the Saturation and Brightness as desired.

Changing the color is so each that it can be done for papers and embellishments just as easy as Alphas.  Give it a try and link up your layout in the comments.

Enjoy this video of the process:  http://youtu.be/0gL_1DGje8k






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