LOAD215 Wrap Up

Whew!  I love doing Layout a Day in February and am so thankful it’s a short, 28 day month.  I managed to finish my 2014 family album and get a great start on my 2015 memories.  I finished many more than just 28 layouts this month.


Overall, there were over 300 people who participated and almost 5000 layouts posted in our Flickr gallery.  What a great accomplishment for everyone who completed layouts!   I was thrilled to be a featured designer and am so thankful to the Producer of the event, Lain Ehmann for inviting me.

Here’s some of my favorite layouts from the month – Enjoy!

LOAD2 – inspired by the book Goodnight Moon


LOAD4 – stories that build, inspired by the book The Hungry Caterpillar



LOAD11 – use rhyming like in the book “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”


LOAD17 – take one image and spread it across two pages


LOAD20 – I went off prompt today….  (use “Judy Moody was in a mood” as your prompt) – However, this layout was the inspiration for the template that I give to my email subscribers.



LOAD23 – share how reading and stories link your family together – another one off prompt to some degree…  It’s a layout of a family trip.



LOAD26 – use the colors from the book Madeline (Blue, White & Yellow) in your layout.  They’re in there, but subtle, huh?



What I love about Layout a Day (LOAD) is that the prompts are inspirational but mainly the goal is work on scrapping your memories.  There’s no rules that say we have to follow the prompt.

I love the theme “Once Upon a Time…Celebrating the books and Stories of our Youth”.  Some of the layouts aren’t worthy of my annual family album so I think I’ll create a LOAD215 book that has all the layouts and summaries of the prompts.  What’s your strategy for completing your albums this year?





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