Using maps, postcards and ephemera in your travel layouts

Hello!  Happy Monday!  Did you arrive from Lisa’s Monday Mojo?  I love her ideas!  Keep reading to see who’s next in this week’s Make it Monday circle.

I travel a lot.  Both for work and for pleasure. As a matter of fact, I just came home from a work trip to Vancouver.  I love exploring new places.  Sometimes I’ll pick up a map or a postcard or other tangible items to help me remember the trip.  Now that I’m primarily digi-scrapping, the challenge is how to use these items that I’ve collected along the way in my layouts.  Here are some ways I use them digitally.

1) Scanning them is probably the most obvious way.  Scan the map, transportation ticket or postcards and use those images in your layouts.  Don’t have a scanner?  Many drugstores that have photo centers now have machines that will let you scan and email to yourself for a fairly low price.


2) Find the map or image online.  This is my main way of using maps in my layouts.  I know that the Disney website (for one) has great maps online.  For me, it’s easier than scanning.  The fastest way for me save these online pictures is to right click on them and Save Image As…  Keep in mind that these images may be copyrighted and may not let you Save As…. and are often low resolution.

3) Take a photo of the item with your phone.  Many mobile phone cameras have a high enough resolution that will work in your digi-layouts.  I’ll take the photos and let my Dropbox app auto upload it to my computer when I get home.  I also do this a lot for street or landmark signs, like this picture of the map sign at San Diego Zoo.  You can also email the photo(s) to yourself instead of using a file sharing app like Dropbox.

2014 - Page 037

These are just a few of the ways we can use the ‘stuff’ we collect while traveling in our digi-layouts.  Do you have some that you’d like share in the comments?  I’d love to know your tips!

Now, continue along the Make it Monday Circle to Alice who has some great tips about creating two page travel layouts.




One thought on “Using maps, postcards and ephemera in your travel layouts

  1. Now that I am doing more digi – this scanning the memorbilia idea is genius. (…why didn’t I think of that??)
    Love your LO!!

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