Digital Preservation of your Family Memories

The floods in Texas remind us how precious our memories and scrapbooks are.  It really drives home the fact that we need to figure out a way to minimize the loss.

I believe that going digital is the answer!

Legacy Republic is a fairly new direct sales company who does video and photo album transfers.  We take family VHS and camcorder tapes and convert them to both DVD and to a private online account.  How long as it been since you’ve seen that sports event or dance recital?  Do you even have a player for these memories?

One of my favorite services we have is transferring photo albums.  Especially the ‘traditional’ ones that we spend so much time and labor for our families to enjoy.   I’ve been working on getting my albums preserved in this way and am so glad I’m doing this.  Now I have jpg images of all my layouts and can save them, view them on my mobile device as well as use them in future photos books.  It’s actually kind of neat to see my scrapbooking style through the years as well.

Check out this video about the Scrapbook Transfer Service:

I love that I can go into my online account and pull pages for ThrowBack Thursday.


I love that I can quickly pull up a video from my phone using the app.


If you’re into Genealogy and use Family Search, you can use Legacy Republic’s Family Search Feature to include videos.

Now’s the time to consider a digital backup of your family memories.   So, where are your memories now? And will they survive something like the awful Texas Floods?  Let’s chat.  🙂

By the way, we’re launching the 2015 Summer Scrapping Challenge on Monday (June 1st).  Join us on Facebook by clicking the picture below.






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