Memory Manager and Windows 10


How does Windows 10 affect your photo management?  Do you still use Creative Memories Memory Manager?  If you do, and decide to upgrade your computer to use Windows 10, you may not be able to still use the old software.   Rest assured, your edited images are still available and you have a couple of options….

But first, did you arrive here from Connie in the Make it Monday Blog Circle?  If so  –  WELCOME!  I love her kid’s love notes.  Read on to find out who’s next in the circle.

Ok, so how can you recover your images after upgrading to Windows 10?

  1. Purchase, download and install Historian.  It looks and feels just like Memory Manager and will connect to your vault seamlessly.Historian%20store%20image
  2. Find your images on your hard drive.  Memory Manager saved all your images separately from the software files and they’re probably still easily available.  If you did a standard install, you can find them here:  DriveName:\My Documents\Vault Name\Items  What you won’t find is the organization structure you’ve developed.  Memory Manager saves these images in random folders for your protection from accidental deletion.  What is saved are the Metadata, if you created any.

I’ve created a couple of downloadable step by step guides to help you with these options  – here.

Now, hop on over to Beth who’s showing how you can share your stories of Magic with your photos –  the next stop in our Make it Monday Blog Circle.



Added December 15, 2017 – Forever now publishes Historian and it’s on sale for the holidays!

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