Upgrading to Artisan 5

Are you ready to upgrade your digi-scrapping software?  I’ve been playing around with the new Artisan 5 and am truly enjoying the new features!

First, purchase the Upgrade here .  Before you purchase, please make sure you are using a 64-bit machine, as Artisan 5 will only work on such machines.  Once purchased, download the upgrade file to a ‘known’ location on your hard drive.  I have a Downloads folder where I put all such files.    Double click the Artisan5Setup.exe file to start the installation.  Follow the prompts and allow the installation to finish.

Once the installation is done, the following window comes up.  Your selection will depend on whether or not you are upgrading from Storybook Creator 4 or Artisan 4 but I highly recommend you allow this step to happen.


Before you open Artisan 5, make sure you have your license numbers for both Artisan 4 and 5.  To find the license number for Artisan 4, open that version and click the ? > About in the Upper Right corner.


You will find the Artisan 5 license code in the confirmation email after your purchase.  Once you have these codes, look for a new icon on your computer desktop and double click to open Artisan 5.


Enter your new license code as well as the Artisan 4 license code.  When accepted, the system will now Index your digital kits.  This can take a while.  I have over 50GB in kits and it took maybe 30 minutes?   Keep in mind that as you add kits, this index will occur at the login after you have added the kits.  Those take much less time as it’s usually only a kit or two.

For the most part, this version is working great!  As more and more people are using it, some bugs are being found.  When you start the software, take a quick look in the bottom left corner to see if there are updates and make the effort to install them as soon as you can.  Bug fixes are part of your purchase price.


You’re now ready to get started!  Want a printable version of the above steps?  Just click here!

Stay tuned for more information on some of the new/changed features.

For now, enjoy these Previews compiled by the Pixies at Pixels2Pages.






4 thoughts on “Upgrading to Artisan 5

  1. Hi, I currently have Storybook 4 and this is the right time to move over to Panstoria for me. Do you know if I’d buy the upgrade or the new version? thank you

    • Hi! It sure is a great time to move over! However like all new software, there have been a few bugs but they’ve also already made updates to fix them (which you would get as they’re already fixed for new downloads).

      The BIGGEST thing to know is that it will only work on 64 bit machines – so please check that before you purchase.

      AND let me know any additional questions. Thanks!

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