A Pirate’s Life – Torn Paper in Artisan 5

Welcome back to Make it Monday!  Today’s a Halloween Theme… did you arrive from Alison who tells the story of what happens when two sets of sisters go Trick or Treating together?   Read on to see who’s next in the circle.

It’s Layout a Day month and being October, it’s fun to play dress up.  Committing to [try] to do a Layout each day this month is a great time to start exploring Artisan 5.  In my first layout I used some of the Formatting tools to make the large picture look more like an oil painting.  After that, I decided to tear the edges of the photo to give it a ragged look.


Paper tearing is easy in Artisan and is only slightly different in Artisan 5.  First, select your photo (or paper).  Then click Cut in the upper menu, Straight on the left and Paper Rip.


If you’re working with a photo, like me, the software will ask to flatten the photo. That’s OK if you’re finished doing all the photo edits you want. Otherwise, finish your photo editing and then do these steps.


The rest of the selections will now appear in the right hand panel (this is a pop up window in Artisan 4).


Use the slider in the  middle of the screen to move to the part of the photo you wish to tear.  The green circles allow you to rotate the slider horizontally and the cross will move the slider around on the page.  Drag and drop the slider to widen the amount of the tear.


Look to the right and see all the additional options.


Go ahead and explore – you can always ‘undo’.


I also did a quick (less than 2 minutes) video with this process – click here to see it.

Now go see Alice who has three tips for sharing memories of Halloween from your childhood.


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