Are You Skipping November?


I’ve seen a lot of social media buzz about going from decorating and celebrating Halloween right to getting ready for Christmas…. So many people want to ignore November.

Here’s why this is my favorite month of the year….

  • I grew up in New England and have wonderful memories of crisp, cool weather.  Colorful leaves falling off the trees and even raking them and playing in the big piles!
  • This is my birthday month.  Yes!  I love celebrating all month long!
  • Apple pie and pumpkin spices.  I actually really start enjoying these flavors now – after Halloween.  To me, they are the flavors of fall.
  • Preparing for Thanksgiving. My parents would pour through the food magazines to come up with some new recipes to create alongside the traditional ones.
  • Entertaining – to me, this is the beginning of the season on entertaining and celebrating.

Last week, I spent the morning with one of my favorite creative teachers, Andrea Chebleu at A Work of Heart Studio and created an awesome mixed media decoration for my home.

2015-11-02 10.08.13

We used the layering methods of collage, paint, stencils and masking that she teaches during her Creative Live class.   For the masks, she found images online and printed them out on copy paper.  We fussy cut and gesso’d over them.  We then used a Mono Multi Liquid Glue to draw the veins and then added gold leaf.  I now have this displayed on the top of my TV stand so I can enjoy it every day.

2015-11-02 10.08.21

If you’re in the San Jose, CA area, please stop by A Work of Heart Studio.  Andrea offers great classes and all of the supplies to make your own mixed media holiday decorations.

What do you think?  Have you mentally gone right to Christmas?  Or are you with me about November?  Let’s have a lively discussion in the comments.



If you’re online tomorrow and Wednesday, watch me live as I participate in the Creative Paper Class by My Mind’s Eye taught by Candace Stringham at Creative Live!


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2 thoughts on “Are You Skipping November?

  1. Good question, and no, I haven’t gone straight to Christmas. Just put out my turkeys, pilgrims, and Indians. And am looking forward to all that the month brings in terms of colors, good food, and friends. Love your crafty leaf creations — and your thoughtful questions.

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