Welcome 2016


I’ve been struggling with my resolutions, or goals, for this year.  I just don’t know how to narrow it down.  I was traveling so much in November and December that I’m really craving the act of creating.   I know I want to spend more time creating but I don’t have a vision for what that looks like at the moment.

What I do know:

  •  I’m going to shoot more videos showing you tips & tricks with Artisan 5
  •  I want to doodle, zentangle and color more frequently
  •  I want to spend more time exploring Gelli Printing and using my prints in digi/hybrid projects
  •  I want to practice what I learned in #ArtJournalingtheMagic by sketching and water coloring more often

So far this year, I’ve been purging and re-organizing my craft space.  This sort of clears my head and helps me get ready to create.  I’ve also been able to start coloring in my  new Coloring Book.  I find this helps me concentrate more when I’m participating in online/conference calls.

Do you have any crafty resolutions?  Please share them here so we can cheer you along the way.

Happy New Year!



[image courtesy of http://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/welcome-2016-with-better-health/]


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