Re-using templates: Make it Monday

Welcome back to Make it Monday!  I love hopping around the circle to see who’s creating what.  Did you arrive here from Connie?  It hink she’s super creative – right?  Read on to see who’s next in the circle.

I love using templates for digi-scrapping.  But I also love changing them to meet my needs.  Sometimes the end result is little like the original template.  Other times, you can kind of tell… especially if doing a side by side comparison.  That’s what I did this week.

I used my “Family” template as a starting point.  I quickly realized I didn’t have as many pictures.  And they just didn’t work with the circles.  So I started changing it…  What do you think?



Digi Kit = My Memories January by Laura J Burger

I’ve started a new album all about my canine-child Ginger.  For this layout, I used one of my most popular templates featuring four pictures and banners.  I changed the banners but kept the pictures in the same orientation.



Digi Kit = My Memories January by Laura J Burger Designs

Templates are so versatile!  Turn left, turn right or try turning upside down.  Change circles to squares or vice versa.  Link up your creative use of templates in the comments – I’d love to see them!

Now, click on over to Alison who has no snow but that’s not stopping her from creating a fun set of Winter Wonderland cards.


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2 thoughts on “Re-using templates: Make it Monday

  1. Love how you adapted to fit your needs! I actually did that with yesterday’s 7in7 prompt – moved, added and deleted items in the template to work with what I was trying to do. Usually I am a slave to the design as is… Thanks for the further inspiration!

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