Tutorial: Using Masks in Artisan 5

It’s Make it Monday!  If you arrived from Kristie, welcome!  She has such creative ideas for changing up your seasonal decor!

This week, I’m playing with Masks.

Digi Kit: Laura J Burger Designs I Adore You

Digi Kit: Laura J Burger Designs I Adore You

I’ve always loved seeing layouts using Masks and was so frustrated in trying to use them in Artisan 4.  But now I’m having so much fun!  Artisan 5 has greatly improved how we can work with masks.  Take a look at this quick video to see how it works.

Now, see if you can add a mask to one your layouts and share in the comments and then continue on Make it Monday Blog Circle to Alison who is creating simple one-layer Valentine’s Day Cards.



2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Using Masks in Artisan 5

  1. The problem I’m having is that the masks I’ve purchased from forever are not showing up in effects, I’m having to add it as an element then fill the space with a photo. Great video, thanks so much for sharing with us! I really appreciate it it with being a newcomer to artisan and forever

    • So when I go to add an effect, I have an option to add …From a Kit. I can then go looking for the mask from any of my kits. The key is to remember where you save your downloaded Forever kits. I hope this helps! Who is your Forever Ambassador? They may be able to help as well.

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