I Color To Help Me Concentrate

Wow!  It’s Monday again – where does the weekend go?  Did you arrive here from Alice?  Her tips are always so useful!


A Work in Progress, with Markers

I have always loved to color and to doodle and am thrilled that Adult Coloring is on trend right now.  Because I’m a virtual worker for my day job, I often find myself on webinars and conference calls.  Lately, I’ve taken to coloring during these sessions and it really helps me to concentrate.  Before coloring, I would multi-task by checking email, looking at social media and basically not really paying attention to the meeting or presentation.  Now, when I color, I find myself more immersed into the discussion.

While doing some coloring in this first quarter of the year, I’ve come up with a few tips that I think you may find useful.

  • Learn to play with your coloring supplies.  I use a variety of markers, pencils and such.  It’s been fun using what I already own and learning to use them in different ways.  For pencils I will use a light touch combined with a heavy stroke to generate different shades of the color.  I even have watercolor pencils that look so cool after I’ve used my water brush!
2016-03-20 21.53.24-1

Coloring with Pencils

  • Add extra sheets of paper if using a store-bought coloring book.  I’ve taken a few sheets of used printer paper to help prevent bleeding through to the design on the next page.  This has helped me be more confident to play with my coloring supplies.
  • I tend to work top to bottom, left to right, but I think it would be cool to start in the opposite corner of my ‘normal’ and see what happens.  Or maybe begin in the middle?
  • Consider keeping some white space.  Does every inch of every page need to be colored?  Sometimes I find keeping the white space truly enhances the end result.
  • Turn the page or book around as you color.  I do this mainly to prevent the color from rubbing onto my hand as I work, but I think it is useful to see the design from a different perspective as well.
2016-03-20 21.53.33-1

Coloring with Markers

If you’re enjoying this trend, check out my Coloring Pinterest board for more inspiration!

Have you been doing any coloring this year?  Maybe you’ve come up with some additional tips – share them with us in the comments.

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