Forever Friday: Would You Rather Rent or Own?

Did you know that if you’re using Dropbox, Google, Box or other similar services that you’re essentially renting your storage space?

I’ve been taking the time to review the Privacy Policies of many of the popular online storage companies and many say that they can close and/or or terminate accounts at any time AND they can remove files if they wish.  Some of them will shrink photo resolution so they can manage their space.   And one even said that upon receipt of a Death Certificate, they will delete all the account holders’ memories.  That was frightening to read!

I’ve decided to own my storage space using Forever.  Forever offers guaranteed and permanent storage for our memories.  How do they do this?  Well, first of all, there’s a Guaranteed Fund that is similar to an endowment fund.  A portion of what I pay for my account goes into a restricted fund to maintain and preserve my high-resolution memories for my lifetime.  It also promises to migrate data to new formats if/when that happens.

The storage I have purchased is mine to keep.  I can give access to my friends and family, as well as share links to my albums as I wish.  I feel like I have tons of control.  And at the time of my death, my heir(s) will have access to my account.

Check out this video of Forever’s Founder explaining why he started the company.

I really love how seamless my memory keeping is by using Forever.  And I feel so much safer that my memories will be around beyond my lifetime.  What do you think?  Would you rather rent or own?

To learn more about Forever, click here.  I am a Forever Ambassador and would love to share more about the company and my experience.  Just let me know!




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