Artisan Tutorial: Tags and Rope (or String)

Have you ever seen a tag in a digi kit and wanted to know how to add a string, or to connect multiple tags? Scrapbook Campus offered some great tags for summer and water layouts.   Here’s a quick tutorial to give you an idea on how to make this happen.

To make this work, I used a rope from one of my beach/boat kits to use to connect the tags to make a word.  I started with the word and rope on my workspace.


I like to zoom in to easier see my work space, especially when using the cutting feature.


I select the rope and clicked Cut > Straight and moved the cutter to a spot over the edge of the hole in the tag.  I selected Keep Both Areas before I made the cut.


Then I can move the pieces around to make it look realistic.  Sometimes, you may need to cut a bit more off the rope.


I tried using the Cut > Shape feature for the next tag and found I could get a more precise cut with a rectangle shape.


I ended up using a combination of the Cut > Shape and Cut> Straight to complete the tags.

At the end, I selected all the rope pieces and shadowed them.  I guess you could shadow at the beginning as the tutorial on Scrapbook Campus recommends.


And here’s the finished product!


By the way, if you like these tags, go grab them now as they will go away tomorrow, July 1st.   Click here for the tags.

And if you prefer to watch as I click, here’s a quick video of me playing around with the tags and rope.  I didn’t talk during the video so it’s sped up a bit.







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