Forever Friday: Top Five Reasons Forever is Different

I know many use some kind of ‘cloud’ storage for their photos. I’m often asked “Why Forever”? Here’s my top 5 reasons:

1) Permanence. Forever offers a guarantee that you will always own your full resolution images for your lifetime + 100 years. And this is in easy to read format. Click here.

2) Shareable. You have complete control of your privacy. You can keep everything private, share some (or all) and even make some (or all) public. They’re your memories so you decide how private or public you want to make it.

3) Pay once. You own your account and only pay if you need more space. If the up front payment is too much, you can spread that payment over 12 months. Once paid – you’re done. No more payments.

4) Easy to use. Works with all computers, devices, platforms. The free mobile app allows automatic sync-ing.

5) Ambassadors. I want you to be happy! I will coach you, teach you and cheer you on while using your account.

And it’s 25% off right now, before prices go up in September!!! Contact me with all your questions.

Learn more click here


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