NEW! Seamless Lay Flat Binding

Last month Forever launched a new photo book featuring seamless lay flat binding. It’s currently only available through our online Autobook or Create & Print options. I made one and compared it to one I did as a more traditional lay flat book. Let’s take a look….

This option is only available as 12×12 right now so the first thing I enjoyed seeing was the size difference between 10×10 and 12×12. I’ve stacked them open on top of one another.

Next, look at the different in the binding. The bottom is the seamless. It’s very different. Notice the pages are much thicker. I really like this. I’ll mention now that this is a more expensive product (but often on sale) and is perfect for those very special pictures – think celebrations, vacations, coffee table books and more!

Finally, here’s a view looking at a photo that spans between pages. On the bottom is the seamless, the top is traditional.

It’s the 12 days of gifts right now and seamless lay flat books will be half off November 8th, 2020 for one day only!

Create your free account here and get a $20 coupon when you confirm your email (through 12/31/2020).

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