ScrapHappy Family Reunion

I just spent the weekend with some wonderful scrappy friends.  I am a member of the Scrap Happy Community and was lucky enough to be able to attend last weekend’s family reunion in San Antonio, TX.  We enjoyed the Riverwalk by boat, the Alamo and one another.  Beyond Scrapping, we have so much in common!  I even met a sorority sister!

We made tags to swap to use on our layouts.  Here’s what I made:

LifeisGood_forblogI did this all in StoryBook Creator Plus 4.0 but used several techniques and products.  I first made the background an Ombre “washi” background.  I learned this from a ScrapHappy scrapinar led by Monica Bradford.  By the way, I got to meet Monica this past weekend – WaaHoo!!

I then added Under the Sea embellishments that were recently featured as the .99 item on Designing Digitals.

I love how this came out!  Even my hubby was impressed, he took one for his desk at work!

What have you scrapped lately?

If you like this background, you can use it free!  Just click on the image below and save to your computer.  ENJOY!


What have you been scrapping?

I made a couple of fun digi-tags for a ScrapHappy weekend away… I’ll post after I’ve given them away. And I’ll be scrapping all Saturday night – I’m working on a birthday party invitation and finishing 2012 to get printed. SO…. what are you working on?

I challenge you to post a layout by Monday so we can all ooooh and AAAAH.

So get scrappy!!!

Summer Scrapping Challenge – Week 3 – Contest

How are you doing on your scrappy project(s)?  Will a contest help motivate you?Image

Keep scrappin’ and post pictures (or links to pictures) of your layouts to be eligible to win prizes – including a free pass to our September Scrap Camp in Livermore, CA.

Here are the rules:
To be eligible, post pictures of your layout(s) as a comment to my blog or to our Facebook Group called “Summer Scrapping Challenge”.  It’s OK if they don’t follow any of the prompts as it’s our goal to work on our layouts and finish our project(s).  Additionally, order at least $25 in supplies (traditional or digital) from my CM website:  Orders and layouts must be posted by August 31st, 2013.

Grand Prize: The person with the most layouts completed and posted will win free admission to September’s Scrap Camp!

Second Prize: The second person with the most layouts will win a free copy of the e-book “Your Story Matters” containing over 50 ideas for everyday layouts.

Additional Prizes:  All people who post at least 5 layouts this summer will win a free surprise from me!

Ready, set, SCRAP!

Summer Scrapping Challenge Week 2

Howdy!  I know it’s only the 6th day of June, have you done any summer scrapping yet?  Honestly?  Neither have I…. but I’ll get to it soon!

Let’s take a quiz…  The Last Quiz… what is….

The last photo on your phone:

The last book you read:

The last place you visited:

The last movie or tv show you watched:

The last kind deed you performed:

The last meal you prepared:

The last gift you gave:

The last person you called:

The last thing you Googled:

Here are my answers for Thursday, June 6, 2013.

The last photo on your phone:  My new knitting basket.  I totally didn’t remember that was there, I had to look it up!

The last book you read:  Life after Life, for book club.  I didn’t like the book as much as I like the discussion about it.

The last place you visited: My chiropractor – and it hurt!

The last movie or tv show you watched: I watched MasterChef last night and was reminded why I stopped recording it.  Blech.

The last kind deed you performed: Helped find a home for a lost dog I saw at the park a couple of days ago.

The last meal you prepared: Frozen ravioli’s cuz my hubby is out of town and I’m being an icky eater this week.

The last gift you gave:  A photo panel of artwork from the daughter of a good friend of mine.

The last person you called:  My hubby to see how his trip is going.  And can you believe I forgot that too?  I totally had to look it up.

The last thing you Googled:  cleaning kuerg coffee machine – and the search is still open on my browser.


You’re probably asking yourself, why are we doing this?  Well any of these can be prompts for a layout.  Or you can scrap the whole thing as a layout.  What do you think?

Happy Scrapping!


Summer Scrapping Challenge – Week 1

ImageWhat do you want to see/do this summer?  So often we create a mental list of summer-time to-do’s, but do we think about scrapping them?  I’m seeing a trend with many crafty and kid’s websites about Summer Bucket Lists.  Do you have one?  Is it documented?  Even if you’re kid-less, like me… there’s stuff I wanna do this summer (beyond what we already have planned for vacation);

  • Be a spectator at one of the America’s Cup races
  • Go camping – spontaneously
  • Hang out for a day at the beach
  • See an outdoor concert and/or play

What do you want to do?  Scrap a bucket list page now documenting your to-do’s.  Or, better yet, pre-scrap a page so when you’ve done that activity, you can just add the pictures!

Share your pages with us in our Facebook group “Summer Scrapping Challenge”.  I’m excited to see what you’re planning on doing this summer!


Summer Scraping Challenge (2013)

Let’s complete more layouts this summer!  I’m offering my first Summer Scrapping Challenge, starting June 1st.   I will focus on supporting you and helping you finish layouts.  Even if you only finish one layout before Labor Day, that’s one more done! 

I’ll offer weekly Imagelayout ideas that might spark something for you.  I encourage you to post your layouts (mobile pictures of them will be fine) and share links to where they are posted in the comments.

I’ve also created a ‘secret’ Facebook group called “Summer Scrapping Challenge” where the same prompts, ideas and suggestions will be available. (

Stay tuned on June 1 to kick off our challenge – who’s in?