Streaming Video from your Forever Account

Did you know that you can store and stream videos from your Forever Account?  Today we’re taking more and more videos so it makes sense to ensure they last a lifetime in your Forever account.  Here are some more information about videos in your Forever account.  And keep reading to see a special holiday offer for today (12/24/19) only!

  • If you are a Forever Storage owner you can store videos in your account, just like pictures, audio files and important documents in pdf format.  There’s NO extra cost to do this.  To view your video(s) you will have to download them OR upgrade your Forever account to a streaming video account.
  • Why would I upgrade to a streaming video account?   This allows you to view (stream) the video in HD quality directly from your Forever account.  Additionally, when you share videos, recipients will be able to view (stream) them.  Whether or not they are Forever account holders.
  • How is this different from uploading my videos to other providers?  The #1 reason is to protect your Digital Rights.  Forever is committed to keeping your memories secure and allowing you to control what you do with them.   There’s many other technical reasons but I’ll let you see that on Forever’s Website here:

Without Video Plan

With Video Plan

We recommend the Premium (Streaming) Video Plan to everyone who wants to get the most out of their video memories by saving, sharing, and viewing them online. However, if your goal is simply to archive the original videos at FOREVER and watch them occasionally, you can do that without the Premium (Streaming) Video Plan. It’s your choice.

And TODAY ONLY (12/24/19) the lifetime Video Plan is 55% off – but for the first three people who purchase, I will also gift you a $100 Gift Certificate.

Click here to create your free Forever account and get an extra $10 off when you confirm your email.

Giving the Gift of Forever

Who do you know who would love to have the peace of mind of their memories saved safely and permanently?  Own your memory storage rather than renting from the other popular online vendors.  Check out this short video showing how to Give the Gift of Forever.

Let me know who’s on your Forever gift list!

Happy Holidays!

Print a Picture, It’ll Last Longer!

What kind of memory makers would we be if we didn’t encourage you to do something with them?!

  • Print them
  • Make Holidays Cards (for printing or posting)
  • Permanently Save them

We’ve got gifts for spouses, kids, parents, friends, and more. And they’re all a fraction of the price right now!

  • 50% off all printed products including cards, photo books, wall art and more.
  • 40% off photo prints.
  • 40% off software for scrapbooking (Artisan) and photo organizing (Historian)
  • 40% off Premium Video single payment plan and Forever Storage single payment plan
  • 50% off monthly 10GB storage payment plan.   Pay $9.50 for just 12 months to have 10GB permanent and guaranteed storage for your photos, documents, audio and video files.
  • 30% off all digital art (used in Artisan only)
  • 25% off media conversion boxes

Use Promo code BLACKFRIDAY19 through Saturday, November 30th at 11:59pm PACIFIC time.

Click here to start shopping.

Capture Important Family Information This Holiday Season

“How do we remember a significant person in our lives when they are no longer with us? Who they were, what they held dear, what they thought, what they sounded like are all things we can capture while they are living and reflect back in appreciation that they live on with us …” says Lynn Lambrecht creator of The Living Planner.

It’s at this time of year, during the holidays of Thanksgiving and through the end of the year, when many spend time with family.  It’s time when we catch up with one another and have conversations – share stories.  For some of us (like me), it’s easy to keep track and record these memories through scrapbooking and uploading to my Forever account.  For most, the photos and videos are being taken and shared but then what?  And what about the important stuff?  You know, those harder ‘life’ questions?

Let’s consider some questions you can enjoy during Thanksgiving.  Feel free to use your phone to audio or video record answers.

  1. What is your favorite song  Tell us about it. *
  2. If you had one thing to “do over”, what would it be and why.  Tell us about it. *
  3. How do you wish to be remembered/eulogized?  Tell us about it. *
  4. What type of music do you enjoy?  Tell us about it. *
  5. What are some stories about your childhood/school/adolescence years you would like to share?  *

These are some examples that may be meaningful for family holiday and celebration, however remember, there are so many more questions to ask, including some that could be slightly difficult or challenging to answer.  I think that this is a super time of year to begin the process of documenting this information.  Capture these stories for all family members, of all ages.  Because now is when you’re with your family and these discussions never seem to happen. Planning for the unexpected can be awkward, I know. What if you had someone to help you prepare for disruption or loss? Planning to keep our photos and videos long-term is one thing, but everything else is another, right? Well, no, but it’s a start.

* Proprietary information The Living Planner ©

The Living Planner helps you understand what means what in plain language and create a plan for you moving forward.  It is easy to go about daily life without giving these difficult decisions/discussions a second thought. When it’s time to establish plans to protect what you’ve worked hard to build, where do you begin?

Those who know me, know that I take the chaos of photo mess and help calm it in EASY bite sized chunks. That’s exactly what Lynn does with The Living Planner.

SPECIAL OFFER:  Purchase (or upgrade) any single payment Forever Storage Account before December 1, 2019 and I will send you a copy of The Living Planner as my gift.  By the way, all single payment Forever Storage is 40% through 11/30/19!



Holiday Card Ordering Directions

Ordering your holiday cards from Forever would be simply marvelous! You would be supporting my small business with BIG savings and benefits for you! They are so simple to create. Just follow the directions below!

🎁50% off on all cards now until Nov. 30th (Extra 5% for Club members!)
🎁Free shipping for orders over $79 ($49 if a member of Forever Club…ask me how)
🎁Heavyweight card stock, beautiful matte finish, choose your size card
🎁Choice of gold foil-lined envelopes
🎁Want it very personal? I’ll design for you for FREE!
🎁Use codes: BLACKFRIDAY19 and BFSHIP19
Club Members: BLACKFRIDAY 19, BFCLUB19 and Club5!

There’s still time for your Holiday Photo Cards

Are you sending holiday cards this year? **May I make your Cards for you this Holiday Season?**

I know many of you may have received your Shutterfly catalogs to make your Christmas cards this season, so I wanted to ask if you would make them with me instead? There are so many beautiful designs to choose from (just a few samples below.) They are so so easy to do, it only takes a few minutes, even from your phone! I am here to help you get it done! The quality is beautiful, and with our Black Friday sales going on now, you can get them at the same price as all the other services out there. Remember that purchasing through me means you are supporting a small business owner, and that means the world to me and my family.

Go to to view all of our cards in Design & Print.

Thanks so much for supporting my business! Contact me today!

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH FOREVER? ~ Personal Documents

How often have you needed an important document but it’s tucked away safe at home?

Forever Storage is a great place to store our most important documents for those times when we may need them.

Forever Permanent Storage keeps everything in one place and available to us when we need it the most.

After signing up for your free account, consider creating an album titled “ME”, for example. In this album you can put nested albums of each member of the family. Then finally add important documents in their respective folders.

Did you know that you can even share a copy of a document and send it in an email. How convenient is that?!? What documents will you save in your Forever Permanent Storage Account?

From September 3 – 10, 2019 all storage accounts are 33% off!  Click here for for 2GB free.

On the third day of Christmas, FOREVER gave to me…

….50% OFF 50 GB of FOREVER Storage! 🎁 Never have we seen this discount!  Read on for some thought provoking reasons to consider Forever Storage…..
The New York Times is dead on here.
No thank you, Dropbox, Amazon, iCloud, SmugMug will all your terms of service that no one reads and understands. I know someday you will close my account.

No thank you Flickr, you just limited me to 1,000 photos.

No thank you Yahoo, oh right you aren’t there anymore.

No thank you, Facebook for sharing my photos in a low resolution to the world.

No thank you, Google, who tracks what I eat for breakfast, where I shop and where I go on vacation. I know my photos give you that information so you can sell me to other companies.

Yes FOREVER, the world’s only permanent, private, guaranteed to never close place to store, organize your photos, videos, and documents.

Let’s chat about your photo needs. I can help you. Let’s do it’s too late.
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And here are the 15 Days of Christmas Deals – only available for 24 hours each, starting at 7am Pacific each day.  Message me the ones that interest you and I’ll make sure to remind you – and to give you a gift certificate when you purchase as my gift to you!  Happy Holidays!!