Rooted In The Past Mega Digi Kit

I’ve been asked to help out as a Creative Team member for Partners in Crime.  This is a digi collaboration between Little Feet Digital Designs and Dagi’s Temp-Tations.   The first kit that I worked with is this HUGE MEGA bundle Rooted In The Past.  Did I say HUGE?  Oh my… so many digi-goodies here!

This kit is available for Artisan users only and TODAY ONLY is half price!  That’s $30 for all of this goodness!!!  Hurry though, that price is only good right now (through 8/29 at 6:59am Eastern Time) using the Promo Code DEALOFTHEDAY at Forever.

Although this looks like it’s mainly for Heritage pictures, I used it for a fun girls weekend I went on last month.    How are you going to use this MEGA kit?


Forever Friday: Top Five Reasons Forever is Different

I know many use some kind of ‘cloud’ storage for their photos. I’m often asked “Why Forever”? Here’s my top 5 reasons:

1) Permanence. Forever offers a guarantee that you will always own your full resolution images for your lifetime + 100 years. And this is in easy to read format. Click here.

2) Shareable. You have complete control of your privacy. You can keep everything private, share some (or all) and even make some (or all) public. They’re your memories so you decide how private or public you want to make it.

3) Pay once. You own your account and only pay if you need more space. If the up front payment is too much, you can spread that payment over 12 months. Once paid – you’re done. No more payments.

4) Easy to use. Works with all computers, devices, platforms. The free mobile app allows automatic sync-ing.

5) Ambassadors. I want you to be happy! I will coach you, teach you and cheer you on while using your account.

And it’s 25% off right now, before prices go up in September!!! Contact me with all your questions.

Learn more click here

Tech Tuesday: Camera Card Tips

Earlier this month, I took a photography class and was surprised with one of the other students criticized someone for deleting pictures right from the camera.  She said a lot of techno stuff that I really didn’t understand, nor was I interested (at the time) to really care.  I’ve done this frequently and have [luckily] never had an issue with any of the memory cards in my cameras.

Last week, this article popped up on my Facebook feed and it piqued my interest.

Memory Cards and Image Deleting

Now I feel bad for not really understanding that other person’s comments.  I found many of these tips very interesting and will have to do my best to incorporate more of them into the care of my camera.

What do you think?

Forever Friday: Chatting about Forever


I recently spent some time chatting with Melissa from Digital Scrapbooking HQ about Forever and why we love using their products/services.


Prices are going up as of September 1st but you can get storage and software now at 25% off current pricing!  That’s the lowest price EVER!  I’d be happy to discuss the best plan for you – just let me know.

Click here for Karen’s Forever Website

Make it Monday: Watercolor Tag

Even though I’m a digi scrapbooker, I’m finding myself doing more tactile paper crafts like cards and art journaling.  As I work more and more with paint, I’ve been learning to brush my excess onto a scrap piece of paper.  That, together with the new (to me) punch from Creative Memories is making me very happy.


Now I’m finding myself wanting to use more paint to have more excess!  This punch is becoming one that stays on my desk all the time.

If you’re interested in some Creative Memories products, there’s a super Mystery Bag deal happening right now!  Click either of the images to go to my Creative Memories website.


Forever Friday: Layout turned into Canvas Print

Can you believe it’s half way through 2017?  Why does time fly by so fast!?!?!  I won’t even tell you how close to the holiday season we are.  ha ha ha!

I was window shopping recently and saw this in a store window and was immediately inspired.

I had an idea, in my head, on how I would do this in Artisan.  It worked out fine, however I think there’s probably an easier way.

  1. Insert > Shape > Anchor.
  2. Use the outliner tool (Insert > Outliner) to make a duplicate shape.  Then on the element, right click Text > Format and work with the settings on the right panel.  Make sure to mark “Fill shape with text” and type in the text as you want it to show.
  3. Edit the text to use the Font(s) and approximate size(s).  I used Felix Titling and Agency FB as my fonts and it was mostly sized at 30-36pts.
  4. Fiddle with the Text element Shape > Edit shape to change the points to fit the text where I want it.  This took me over an hour to play with until I got it right.  I ended up using a Text Path for the final line in the curve of the anchor.
  5. Add the background image (my own photograph taken in San Francisco Bay).
  6. Select the shape from Step 1 and Format > Gradient.  I used colors from the image to blend in.
  7. With that same shape selected, Filter > Edge > 3D Edge.
  8. I added a little glow to give it more dimension and then I flattened the shape and added a heavy shadow.

Here’s the finished product – what do you think?

Make it Monday: LOAD Update

It’s another Layout a Day (LOAD) month and I’m not as diligent with creating everyday as I’d normally like, however I am getting some layouts done.  It’s currently day 22 of the challenge and I’ve finished 14 layouts.  I was doing great until Day 11 when I felt too cruddy to even turn on the computer or look at my phone.  Once off the wagon, it’s so very hard to get back on…  Here’s a few of my favorites so far:

Stuck Sketches?! template, Wilderness Walk Digi Kit (old CM)

May the 4th… I loved being in Disneyland for Star Wars day this month! Thanks to Simple Pleasures Designs for the freebies on this page.

Template from Let’s Get Sketchy, Digi Kit called 2 Cute 2 Scare from Ellie Lash

It’s almost time for my Summer Scrapping Challenge!  Feel free to join us for weekly challenges, support and of course, PRIZES!

Make it Monday: LOAD Featured Scrapper

I’m so glad to have been invited to be today’s Featured Scrapper for LOAD (Layout a Day) this month.  Here’s the prompt for today:

Gone with the Wind, 1939: “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again!” Inspired by Scarlett’s vow, this is a food prompt! Because she didn’t have much food, you are on a “starvation diet” to tell your food story. Use only three colors, two embellishments, and a one-word title.

A food prompt was such a fun one for me!  I had just returned from Las Vegas and knew I had a couple of pictures of my dinner at Giada’s.  It was a restaurant that I’ve been yearning to visit as I watch her on The Food Network often.  I ate at the bar and had so much fun with the bartender.  He said that Giada does show up about once a month and when she does, she really works the room.  Gosh, had I wished she was there the same night as I!  If you’re a fan, then you might know she has a particular way of speaking the word Marscapone.  I’d heard that she will often test the staff by asking them to say it back to her in the proper manner.

Limiting my colors and embellishments isn’t so hard for me, especially digi.  To make it even easier, I had just purchased a great kit that worked perfectly for this!

Digi Kit = Forever’s The Wine Cellar / Template = pixels2Pages Thanks2You blueprint


National Scrapbook Day 2017

Traditionally, the first Saturday of May has been known as National Scrapbook Day (NSD).  In recent years, it’s been joined by interNational Scrapbook Day (iNSD) in March and Digital Scrapbooking Day in November.  I know, confusing, right!?!  Either way, this means that there’s TONS of deals out there for scrapbookers!

What’s Creative Memories doing this weekend?  They’re hosting a Virtual Crop this weekend.  You can also check out the CM Product Catalog. While you’re at it, join my Scrapping Challenge group and post your layouts created for a chance to win prizes!

And of course, Forever is jumping into the NSD fun as well.  They’re offering three amazing digital art sales that last from now through Monday. Here’s a look (Note: Digital Art is only for use with Artisan Software).

  1. Save 30% on all the digital art in our collection with code NSD2017
  2. Enjoy three Deal of the Day kits every single day – and save 50% on each with code DEALOFTHEDAY
  3. Save 50% on the never-before-seen, totally-exclusive Gift Canvas Bundle with code GIFTCANVAS
    1. PS – there’s going to be a Wall Art sale happening next week!!!

Feel free to join my Forever VIP Group too!

How are you participating in National Scrapbooking Day this weekend?