Keeping Busy

Hello!  I know it’s been a while and I’m so very sorry.  All of a sudden, life got super busy!

a) It’s Layout a Day month and I’m happy to say that I’ve been keeping up.  Thankfully I’m working on our vacation pictures from our Walt Disney World trip two weeks ago.   Here’s a couple of my current favorites:

b) We’re buying a second home in Twain Harte, CA!  I didn’t realize all the work involved in doing this.  Even with a super Realtor, there’s tons of emails, decisions and effort.  We’re scheduled to close March 2nd and we’ll be spending most of our next many weekends there getting it all set up.  We now have to completely furnish and supply another home.  Thankfully, we have ALOT of extra stuff in our current home so many that will be helpful.

c) We’ve decided to help manage the family ski condo at Northstar at Tahoe.  This also came with more effort than I expected, together with trying to get family decisions made.

d) It’s the last month to qualify to earn the Forever Incentive Trip to Cabo.  I’m trying with all my might to see how close I can get to earning it.  Interested in helping me?  Contact me for my Crazy February Special that is in addition to what Forever is offering this month (can you say cash back when you purchase?).

Thank you for your continued support in reading my blog.  What’s new with you ?

Layout a Day: LOAD218

It’s almost time for another month of layouts!  I’m truly looking forward to LOAD218-Choose Your Own Scrapbook Adventure.   From what I can tell, we’re going to be able to choose from a variety of prompts each day.  I love having choices so this sounds really right up my alley!

I’m currently getting organized using Historian.  I’m loading my pictures from the past several months as well as tagging them and giving them star ratings.  I find this helps me stay on track during LOAD and allows me to focus more time on scrapbooking.

Did you know that LOAD218 is open to anyone and everyone?  If you’re looking to kick start your scrapbooking for this year, consider this challenge.  There’s no judgement for doing one layout or all 28 or something in between.  It’s still more than nothing.  So what are you waiting for?  Join us!  Make your commitment in the comments and then go sign up.


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Make it Monday: It’s another Layout a Day (LOAD) Month

Yes, October is a Layout a Day month, specifically for Scrap Happy Family members.  I had intended on keeping up but there’s so much going on that I’ve slipped behind.  It’s currently Day 9 and I’ve completed 6 layouts, to date.  I hope to get another one done tonight so it’s not too far behind.

I’m all scattered this time around too.  As much as I’m trying to stay with the prompts, I want to keep up momentum on my current pictures.  In these six layouts, I’ve done some of my sister in law’s wedding, my last Disneyland trip and Forever Live.

I’m going to do my best to get caught up this week because I want to start creating holiday gifts too!  It’s really never ending isn’t it?  (ha ha)

What are you creating this month?  Link up in the comments.

Make it Monday: LOAD Update

It’s another Layout a Day (LOAD) month and I’m not as diligent with creating everyday as I’d normally like, however I am getting some layouts done.  It’s currently day 22 of the challenge and I’ve finished 14 layouts.  I was doing great until Day 11 when I felt too cruddy to even turn on the computer or look at my phone.  Once off the wagon, it’s so very hard to get back on…  Here’s a few of my favorites so far:

Stuck Sketches?! template, Wilderness Walk Digi Kit (old CM)

May the 4th… I loved being in Disneyland for Star Wars day this month! Thanks to Simple Pleasures Designs for the freebies on this page.

Template from Let’s Get Sketchy, Digi Kit called 2 Cute 2 Scare from Ellie Lash

It’s almost time for my Summer Scrapping Challenge!  Feel free to join us for weekly challenges, support and of course, PRIZES!

Layout A Day starts May 1st – Legends of Hollywood

I’m so excited about May’s Layout a Day (LOAD) theme – Legends of Hollywood!  I love the movies and am looking forward to see how they inspire our layouts in May.

The silver screen has enchanted audiences since its beginning. Walk down memory lane, or Hollywood Boulevard, as we celebrate some of the greatest films ever created, and use their stories to inspire our own.
Are you ready for this star-studded adventure?
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Make it Monday: Layout a Day (LOAD)

I love February because it’s Layout a Day (LOAD) month!  I started playing along with LOAD in 2011 and really love getting back into the daily habit of scrapbooking.

Here’s the layouts I’ve finished so far…






I’m working hard to finish the Disneyland trip from last fall.  As you can see, I’ve not completed today’s layout yet so stay tuned…

LOAD is sponsored by the Scrap Happy family.  As a member, you’re able to participate in three LOAD months per year!

Are you working on something special this month?  Maybe “Finish it in February”?  Or something similar?  Let us know in the comments.


Summarize your Summer in 7 Layouts

If you’ve always wanted to try Layout a Day (LOAD) now’s the time!  Join us for a Mini-LOAD and scrapbook your summer memories in 7 days!

LOAD Mini summer lovin promo

Enjoy daily prompts for your scrapbooking inspiration.  Post your layouts on our private Flickr page and get fun feedback!  If you’ve always wanted to try LOAD, this is a great chance to see how it works and it’s only a 7 day commitment!

Click here for more information.


LOAD215 Wrap Up

Whew!  I love doing Layout a Day in February and am so thankful it’s a short, 28 day month.  I managed to finish my 2014 family album and get a great start on my 2015 memories.  I finished many more than just 28 layouts this month.


Overall, there were over 300 people who participated and almost 5000 layouts posted in our Flickr gallery.  What a great accomplishment for everyone who completed layouts!   I was thrilled to be a featured designer and am so thankful to the Producer of the event, Lain Ehmann for inviting me.

Here’s some of my favorite layouts from the month – Enjoy!

LOAD2 – inspired by the book Goodnight Moon


LOAD4 – stories that build, inspired by the book The Hungry Caterpillar



LOAD11 – use rhyming like in the book “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”


LOAD17 – take one image and spread it across two pages


LOAD20 – I went off prompt today….  (use “Judy Moody was in a mood” as your prompt) – However, this layout was the inspiration for the template that I give to my email subscribers.



LOAD23 – share how reading and stories link your family together – another one off prompt to some degree…  It’s a layout of a family trip.



LOAD26 – use the colors from the book Madeline (Blue, White & Yellow) in your layout.  They’re in there, but subtle, huh?



What I love about Layout a Day (LOAD) is that the prompts are inspirational but mainly the goal is work on scrapping your memories.  There’s no rules that say we have to follow the prompt.

I love the theme “Once Upon a Time…Celebrating the books and Stories of our Youth”.  Some of the layouts aren’t worthy of my annual family album so I think I’ll create a LOAD215 book that has all the layouts and summaries of the prompts.  What’s your strategy for completing your albums this year?




Getting Ready for LOAD2015 [aka Layout a Day Feb. 2015]


This will be my 11th LOAD in the past four years – Incredible.

At the beginning, I did very little to prepare.  I thought as a digi scrapper, what is there to prepare?  Over the years, I’ve learned that I was wrong.  The past several LOADs I’ve taken some time to get ready.  Mainly, I’ve spent my preparation time organizing my photos in Panstoria Historian.  This has made so much of a difference that since I’ve been doing this pre-work, I’ve been able to complete the challenge and actually finish at least one layout each day.

A year ago, I did a post with some details on how I organize my pictures in Panstoria Historian.  My process remains mostly the same so here’s a summary and workflow of my process.


  1. Import one set of pictures at time. I do this by event, or place or do all my mobile pictures in batches.  I use Dropbox  to sync my [Android] phone and iPad into one place.  I then pull them off Dropbox into Historian.   TIP: Ensure that you avoid importing duplicates. Find a video for this tip here.
  2. If working on an event, I rename the photos of the event (or place). If they’re my camera photos I move to the next step.  TIP: Select all [Ctrl-A] and rename them all at once.
  3. Tag photos. This step takes me a while as I tag for the event, place and people.  I find this worthwhile as I’m often trying to find specific pictures long after they were taken and it’s so much faster with my tags.
  4. Star Rate. This step also takes some time but again, it’s very worthwhile to me – especially for LOAD.  That way I can focus on scrapping just the best images and I’d already decided which ones are best.  It makes my daily layouts happen much, much faster.  TIP: I use five stars for the most awesome pictures, four stars for those that must go on a layout and three stars to use as extras that are worthy to be on a layout.
  5. Close Historian so the Metadata can be recorded. If I do too many pictures at once, the closing of the application can take a long time.  TIP: Here’s a video I did about working with metadata in Historian.

Today, when working with my pictures from a long weekend in San Diego [577 pics] these five steps took me just less than an hour.

When you’re getting ready for a scrapbooking weekend or a challenge like LOAD, what do you do to prepare?

For more tips, see the following bloggers who are also participating in LOAD starting February 1st.

Nicole Gray
Alice Boll
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Valerie Lindgren Smith



Scrap-lifting for Inspiration

Welcome back to the Make it Monday Blog Hop!  You probably came here from Gina Zee who finished a tag she started last week.

During my most recent Layout a Day challenge, one of the prompts was to scrap-lift someone else’s layout.  You already know that I’m a big fan of sketches so this was a fun way for me to pick something to copy.  I looked at the list of my favorite layouts and found this one from Kim that was perfect for me to scrap-lift (used with permission).



I loved Kim’s use of white space and the doodled frame.  And I knew this would be easy for me to recreate digitally with Artisan.  Most of my layout used supplies from Captured by Studio Blagovesta to show off some of the selfies we took while on vacation last month.  It’s so easy to use the papers & embellishments from a single kit so I’m certain it all matches.  For the doodled frame and word art, I just re-colored it to match and tweaked the Opacity.  Here’s a quick video to show you how to do these in Artisan.



I’ve noticed that I pin a lot of this kind of inspiration on my Scrappy Inspiration and Scrappy Sketches boards on Pinterest – are you following me?

I wonder if you have ever scrap-lifted before.  Please share your experience in the comments.

Now go visit Melissa and see how she’s using the Project Life App to help her with a Week in the Life project – Happy Hopping!


In case you missed someone, here’s this week’s Make it Monday Blog Hop list:

GinaZee:    What did Gina do to fix last weeks tag?

Melissa is showing you how easy it is document a Week in the Life with the Project Life App.

Kristie shows how to create a background using a blended ink technique.

Alice Boll has a BRILLIANT trick for using a postcard on a layout.

Beth is sharing how her 30 days of thankful album is all ready to go.

Connie  is sharing cute lamb party goodies – they’re BAA-bulbous!

Jen is showing us 2nd part of a double-layout template for free!



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